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i was born with a destiny of roses

08th ms team supremacy

The 7 Dragons Review

Hey jerklordicus, Ricky is a great name for a hero.

Legendary Legend Review

if I had to play through loads of slow, boring, attack-mashing, random encounters to get from one gag to the next.

It is interesting you think that, given your review of Alter Aila: Genesis.

Art Stuffs

it's too bad the moon is apparently on a crash course with "the planet"

The best idea for a game I have ever had.

saw bears attacking stopped reading.

YDS really wants a headset to make better sounding LT videos.

audacity does have good options for clearing up sound and the lot. you can do...anything your heart desires

If you hate to listen to your own voice enough to not listen to anything you upload you should probably not make videos like this, for real. :I
Splicing audio and video and putting them back together is not as hard as you might think! I will probably edit this post with more how to later but now I have to go to partytime~~~

YDS really wants a headset to make better sounding LT videos.

i left in me breathing in case you ever lt a hentai game

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Don't get me wrong. I love Star Ocean 2. But it is really, really bad.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

finally tried Star Ocean 4

worse than i was expecting

don't think i'll continue playing!

Why, god why. The best star ocean game is 2. And that game is awful

Featured Games

Why work so hard when games that deserve 2 to 2.5 stars are featured? It's stunningly average or even sub-standard when gameplay is included. The first part of gameplay has the word game. Without gameplay, there is no game.
Visual novels almost have nothing in the way of gameplay but they are still considered "games". Your point?
This wasn't billed as a visual novel. There's good and bad gameplay in visual novels just as there is good and bad gameplay in RPGs. Nice straw man.

well, no. there is no gameplay in visual novels unless you consider choosing between "go to the market" and "rape your sister" gameplay. In this regard, all visual novels are the same. Also that is not a strawman.

This is a moot point though. The problem with LL is not that it has no gameplay. It is that is has bad gameplay.