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Pacing VS Character Development

I don't disagree with your argument now that you have explained it further, ghostman. I think much of the disagreement came from your initial post with paragraphs like this

Games don't benefit from complex villains. Games benefit from good gameplay. Stories benefit from strong character development and complex villain/hero relationships. There is nothing narrow about it. A game with redundant or boring gameplay may benefit from good story

where a contradiction is made almost immediately.
That said
I don't really understand your most recent post. Characters develop because of catalysts? Well, yeah.

Pacing VS Character Development

I eagerly await chapter 2, where Grave Wruin meets his arch nemesis, Bhad Gai.

Pacing VS Character Development

what the fuck is that

TVTropes: Getting games that deserve it, and our community, a worthy spot.

I think I resent when amateur writing and amateur films are listed on TV Tropes, I feel like the site should only be for major professional works, and I would probably resent listings for amateur games too if I weren't an amateur game designer.

There is a category specifically for freeware games as well as a "nothing not notable" policy so I think there's nothing to worry about there.

TVTropes: Getting games that deserve it, and our community, a worthy spot.


Look man, you haven't explored the underbelly of tvtropes. you haven't seen the things I've seen. I have a theory about it that involves that the ludovico technique, but that's neither here nor there.
Going to start playing this game and making notes and stuff today while I'm screenshotting~

Frickin' "Donkey Kong Country: Returns"

I really like that level where you're silhouetted against the sunrise. Are there more levels that play with the atmosphere like that?

Pacing VS Character Development

You say that games don't benefit from complex villians, but stories do. The thing is, I would argue that most people, including myself, consider the writing as a significant factor when deciding whether or not an RPG is enjoyable. It is, after all, the stalest genre when it comes to gameplay. I would also say that, considering the length of most RPGs, a good story is imperative. You cannot keep the player playing if he does not care about what is going on.

This is saying gameplay can be thrown out the window, though. I am curious to what happens in Alter Aila Genesis, but cannot bring myself to play it anymore.

Saying that games do not need good writing to entertain is one thing. I disagree with regards to the RPG genre, but hey. The idea that they cannot benefit from it all is erroneous and assumes that the player is a half-dead neanderthal.

Also, am I correct that you are saying that a good story can make up for good gameplay, and yet games do not benefit from competent writing? Doesn't this mean that games do, in fact, benefit from good storytelling?

Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

That is a bad idea. Games can be indexed into the 'freeware games' category. Anime entries do not say "This is a cartoon from Japan" and the entry for Othello does not say "This was written on paper."

And also I would not want to play any game that had that in its description anywhere.

Let's Fail At Playing (Let's Play with Craze)

The first one because I have never heard of it.

And also because I am planning to do a SS run of Balmung Cycle soon since I am already familiar with it. this is a lesser issue though~~~

Let's Fail At Playing (Let's Play with Craze)

I don't disagree that your deaths are funny, but some people like to watch let's plays without failure, and some like failure. By separating your deaths, you appeal to both crowds. however, this is just nitpicking for those who wish to become Let's Play Superstars or whatever, I realize now~