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I totally disagree with you about Alter Aila in everything you just mentioned about it.

That is impossible because every single aspect of a game can be measured objectively.

Featured Games

This is probably the best argument so far:
<yukikajiura> do not feature space funeral under any circumstances it is atrociously balanced and therefore has no merits
<yukikajiura> -1 month later-
<yukikajiura> we know this game is shit but please play legendary legend the writing holds it up!

I mean, having good writing isn't an excuse to suck at gameplay. Shouldn't featured games be great in all aspects?

Then why was Alter Aila: Genesis featured. The dungeons are atrocious and the battles, the thing you are engaging in most of the time, are boring. If you want to limit featured games to those with no weaknesses, you might as well just cycle between Exit Fate/Last Scenario/Barkley till time collapse eta.

Treasure of the Rudras

yoyo can fucking die

TVTropes: Getting games that deserve it, and our community, a worthy spot.

relevant info to that question:

I have no idea what any of that means.

Treasure of the Rudras

I don't understand jokes or know any jokes or have any friends that tell me jokes or have any friends.

i was born with a destiny of roses

I can't believe you said Trigun was good. I can't believe. You have no idea how mad I am right now. This world is so corrupt *flips over the manga storage desk*

Treasure of the Rudras

It is not an RPG maker game.


FART is a wind elemental spell. GOTY till end of time 10/10

i was born with a destiny of roses

i was born with a destiny of roses

equivalent exchange monologue till end of series alright guys lets wrap it up

Need Artist and pixel artist for RMVX project...

corporate secrets cannot be leaked