whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<

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Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

I use all my LP to buy F7, E7, D7, D8, D9, D10 on my the License board.

I am assuming the air ship will work as a sea ship.

I guess when everyone is ready we should keep going Northwest. And if we hit land I guess we'll just have to hoof it.

What are you thinking about right now?

What am I thinking about right now? I'm thinking about how Welp, Welp! should be renamed to The Mafia Forum.

*Removed from welp and stuffed elsewhere.

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Attempt to select b.magic from the menu.

I charge my fist, jump into the air with the sun behind my back and land a grotesquely unremarkable normal attack on the seahorse.

Or at least I hope I land it. And don't fall off the boat or something. *land lubber legs*

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

I think my MP is healed...and if not, it should be.

I use Heal to cure K-hos' poison.

Thanks pal.

Broken Mailbox?

Are you guys opening each letter into a new window/tab? Because when mine broke that's what I was doing.

RMN Memes

I keep hearing about that bot question thing, where is it even asked? I haven't seen it anywhere around here.

RMN Memes

1000 POINTS FOR ALL WELPS. I don't wanna know if you got a penis or not.

I like to think the welp gender means they have both. :>

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Newblack, didn't you already use up your 2 MP? You are going to get an ulcer.

EDIT: Nevermind!

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Son of a..

I reach into my pants (safest place to keep items) and fumble around a bit, then finally I pull out an ether and chug it!

Only one person should need to attack the Killer fish next round.

Our healers aren't doing much healing, heh.

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Slap Hermit around a bit with a large trout. (Normal attack)