whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<

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The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Liberty: I would do a layout kind of like this myself;

Where the thing on the top left would drop down and then expand rightwards for the menu.

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Ah good job LockeZ. Also Now would probably be a good time to equip that summon and use it.

I burst from under my cardboard box like a phoenix rising from the ash of an ashtray as use Repeating fist on Guard Scorpion.

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

I conceal myself under a cardboard box and wait for the opportune time to strike. (Defend)

Happy birthday kentona!

Happy birthday!

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

wow, most threatening target is probably me! (?)

Yeah it is probably Sephiroth, who half'd its attack power, me who did the most damage or you who disabled its attacking for a turn.

I use an Ether on myself!

RMN Pixel Quilt event

Simmmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If no one else claims C5 I guess I could do it.

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Ah, thanks. I can never remember these things. ._.

I repeatedly bop the robot on the nose with Repeating fist!

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

I am not sure what state my MP is in, it doesn't recharge after battle right?

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

Stare at LockeZ and his tablet.
Grab the tablet from LockeZ while yelling YOINK.
Push LockeZ and his fancy shcmacy tablet off the boat.
Reevaluate my knitting skills.

I mean, head north!

Take Down: Infinity Shift ~Forum RPG~

It was Khos's idea, don't drag the narrator into this :D

Uh, ¡No habla ingles!