whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<

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Why isn't there an E3 topic?

I wasn't talking about yours. You've got the right idea. Belmont and Bomberman would make cool characters, but reducing the character roster is not the right idea! I mean, what would be the downside of having more characters?
Bloat! Balance! Samey-ness!

Same reason why you don't throw every RPG feature ever into a single game - it starts losing focus.

Also, I would include Captain N as a bonus character.

They don't need to balance characters from the previous games since they are already balanced.
They just have to make sure their algorithms are the same as the previous games.

If anything I would like a better stage editor, which I haven't heard anything about yet.

"RMN doesn't like him enough to give him a user title. :( "

I think this suggestion should backfire.

That would be great.


Go here http://rpgmaker.net/account/profile/
and then paste the url to the image you want where it says avater and click update at the bottom of the page.

Why isn't there an E3 topic?

online multiplayer will still be free... just not on the PS4 or Xbone.

Choose your system wisely.

It's been stated that some games will not require plus if the reason not to have it is reasonable. For example, pay to play mmos will be exempt from requiring plus.

What are you thinking about right now?

I live on water and orange juice.

rape soda is better than pimp juice but not as good as naked

That reminds me of something; They are looking for a missing woman up here, who apparently walked into the woods naked with just a hunting knife and a fanny pack to go on a 'spiritual journey.'

What are you thinking about right now?

Well isn't that just a little ironic.

What are you thinking about right now?

So many animal avatars... XD

Animals and babes make up 90% of avatars.

What are you thinking about right now?

yeah, the dolan face was pretty funny for a while but people took it in a weird direction and just ran it into the ground from there

Sounds like what happens to every meme.

What are you thinking about right now?

After the recent irc topic, I thought I should note that you can link directly into channels with mibbit;


If typing two commands was too much. :I

blep blep blep