whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<

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RMN v4.3 Bugs

Maybe this has been pointed out already but, there seems to be some description leakage on this page; http://rpgmaker.net/users/JosephSeraph/statuses/675/

Maybe that isn't anything that will cause a security risk, I don't know.

EDIT: Also I am using firefox 14.0.1.

Variables, Switches, Conditional Branches, all of you are huge bitches.

I don't get why people have so much trouble with these, they are pretty straight forward.

Switches just sound like booleans ( they can only be true or false ) but I'm not sure in rpgmakers context so I will skip that. But, they sound like they are just variables with values limited to true or false.

Variables are just a method of accessing editable data via a human readable name.

And conditional branches, such as an if(), are a method of running the block of code following the 'if' if the condition in it is true. A condition being anything that the if is checking, for example if you had 'if( A == B )' the code after the if would only be run if the variable 'A' is infact holds the same exact value as the variable 'B'.

I am probably just reiterating what you already know...

Opera web browser moving over to Webkit

I hope they don't introduce Chrome's biggest flaw/bug when they move to Webkit (whereby closing the last tab closes the entire browser, contrary to user expectations).

I 'lock' and 'protect' my first tab in Firefox to avoid this. And so that it asks me if I want to close when I hit the close button.

I would assume Opera and Chrome have such a feature too.

Game maker

Program designer

Is photography just another job

It's not a job.

It's a way of life

Is pornography just another job

I would like to see a pornstars resume.

Disallowing the use of other programs

Use a global event that stores the current money and checks every 5 minutes. If the current money is 10000x what it was before, they cheated, delete it all.

This isn't going to work. The cheat engine edits the section of memory where the value you searched for is located, so rpgmaker can try changing that value all it wants, but nothing will happen because the cheat engine will change it right back.

Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter

Please add more information to this post or I'll have to lock and put away. You want to show people a cool game? Get them interested so that they'll bother looking.

Pretty sure that isn't even his game.

EDIT: I guess it doesn't actually need to be to be in this sub forum, herp.

What are you thinking about right now?

Well, Ebay is cheaper. Just don't buy DVDs and games and other media from there. You'll get home-burned copies sometimes. It's a perfectly good place to buy merchandise like posters and figurines and mousepads though. (You might get a homemade poster but you can't really tell the difference; it's not like a counterfeit Nintendo DS game where half the time it'll delete your saves if it's left turned off for more than a day, or a counterfeit DVD movie where it the disc gets scratched much more easily and it's missing all the bonus features)

Ebay is a perfectly fine place to get Dvds and games from, just pay attention to the seller, that means their sale page and ratings. Illegitimate media is usually pretty obvious and rather rare, at least on the us ebay site.

I have gotten quite a bit of games and anime from ebay. :>

What are you thinking about right now?

Wires always be jammin' up against things, limiting the free movement of the mouse.

*Kentona running around sliding his mouse on every flat surface*

You just can't be ARTISTIC with wires man.