At the start of 2019, I started my game development journey and tried to start making games. Game development combines two of my favorite things which are creating worlds and interacting with games.
Path of the Martyrs
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Ruthless Smile

So you are the translator of the version FlareBlizted played, right?
This game is truly a hidden gem with its unique storytelling and mechanics. The art and music make it even more glorious. It is so interesting that I decided to translate it into my mother language (my first RPG Maker translation). I translated from the Japanese version and used your first translation as reference. I also published my translation on a FB group in Oct 2021 too. Thank you for your awesome work!
I've also been your secret fan since Spiegel Ei. Always look forward for your next translation.
Hello, hello, Shigure3011.

Yes, I am the translator of Ruthless Smile played by FlareBlizted.
Back then I felt my translation aren't good enough with so many mistakes and inexperience of using RPGmakerMV, so I delete that one. I apologize if everyone is no longer able to find the game via the link provided by FlareBlizted.
I also need to apologize if there's still some wrong grammar within the game even with this re-translated version.
And thanks for liking the game I've translated. :)
If I may throw my two cents into this, you could always ask FlareBlitz to update the link in the description.

Both this game and FlareBlitz are hidden gems that need more attention. It's too bad FlareBlitz is quitting YouTube, but if it makes his life better then that's okay.

Ruthless Smile

This is definitely fascinating game, I originally watched a Let's Play of it on FlareBlitz Youtube channel. He got stuck but the story was interesting so I wanted to find out what happened. Fortunately, this was around the time it was translated and you posted it here. I have thoroughly enjoyed this game's characters, lore and story. The grammar in some sections could be refined a little bit more. Although there is a technical problem with some of the songs, their audio cuts in and out occasionally. The songs this happens to are as followed:
The song that plays when Yotsuba is exploring the ruins for the Death-Walking ritual, The song named "green", "hikarinoyukusakihe" and "itukabokuragakierumaeni" in the song folder. There maybe more but these are one that I remember.

The Heart's Fallacy

It was you didn't input the wrong combination the game didn't acknowledge you put it in wrong.

The Heart's Fallacy

Hello there I was playing your game but there is a puzzle that bugs me a lot there is part of the game where you have to run away from the giant spider and when I got to the end I was tasked to activate a number of runes in a circle and than activate the main one by stabbing it with a sword(I tried to click some buttons and it doesn't work can I get some help please):

I'm sorry that this response is two months late but the reason why the circle wasn't working is that you input the combination in the incorrect order. I added a bit of dialogue that indicates whether or not it's correct or not. Thanks for catching that bug for me though.


I have a question, a lot of the games' ME and sound effects keep replaying, (it mainly happens when you open the menu and when you obtain an item. I was wondering if you were aware of that. It somewhat disrupts the atmosphere of the game.

100+ Downloads on RMN! & I'm taking a small break

I sometimes catch myself looking at the statistics of my own games too much in one day as well.(albeit its lack of popularity) I think its something we as game developer have to experience. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time off.


I finished the game, it definitely sad what actually happened. You definitely did a job on this game considering its your first.


I just played your game and I like the art and the air of mystery. However, there is some text that gets cut off and the buildings seems too big compared to the sprites.

One suggestion I could make to the game’s progression is to make the buildings that don’t have anything to do with the current objective inaccessible to help streamline exploration. I got as far as getting the keys for the car in the bar. After giving the keys to him the game softlocks as he sits in mid-air when he probably was supposed to leave the bar.


I am making similar type of story with my current game, where it is set in towns and there is a mysterious tower in between them. It is also the sequel(sort of) to a game jam game I made a few weeks back.


I liked the chemistry between Paul and Rosia, they worked well together. I also enjoyed the twists and turns kept me invested in the story.

Although I have some spoilery questions/comments about the game
Lucien seems shady but his motives don't seem clear in this game(playing Dymunia cued me in on his motives) I'm not sure how what he is doing in the present, is he still trying to find the scroll? This scenario feels like what would happen if Stelyvan and Elysys escaped to the other world. Did you cater that ending to this game so they would connect? If you did it would have been cool.

Anyway besides my rambling I enjoyed your two games and look forward what you make next.
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