Phileas's Mirror Review

Thanks for your review Polka ! :)

I will have a look at the bugs you mentionned, some of them are strange, I never saw them before.

About the ending :
Not giving a straight answer is of course deliberate. To me it would have been strange to say : "Ok this how his story ends. Period."
The goal of the whole "journey" was to give to Loic a panel of what he could do, of how he could consider his future.

The rest is up to him. What will he do will be his choice only.
The goal is also that the player ask himself "ok what would I do if I was in his position" and imagine a possible ending
That's why I tried to make Loic a pretty "empty" character, he does not speak a lot a react a lot during the game, so that the player can project more in him.

2020 Misao Official Results!

Hey guys, I think there is a mistake ?
According to the results, "THERAPIST: Mind Manager" won the "Best Non English Game". ^^

Congratulations to everyone !

Phileas's Mirror

Hello there !

Does the problem still occurs if you try again ?
It could be your antivirus or something like that messing with the launcher.

In any case, you can launch the game by going to the "Data" folder and clicking on "RPG_RT.exe"

Phileas's Mirror

Quick note :

I have uploaded a new version that fix the crash issue that could be caused by the files with special characters + I have fixed some minor things.

Phileas's Mirror Review

Thanks for this review ! :)

I will make sure to fix the few things you noticed.

Phileas's Mirror Review

Thanks a lot for your detailed review! I am really honored! :D

Let me answers a few things.

Phileas's Mirror may be new, but it's a nostalgia ride. Sort of. I can only assume, because I wasn't actually around in the rpg maker community until like 2014. But regardless!
Correct. :)
I discovered RPG Maker around 2003/2004 and I was the most active between 2006/2010.
So I learned everything with RM2003 and by trying to mimic what the best creator were doing during that time.

(even though I've been referring to it as Phileas's Mirror as it is what the game is officially called, I am aware that the grammatically correct version would be Phileas' Mirror)
Are you sure about that ?
Here is the rule I found :
"The general rule is that the possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and s, whether the singular noun ends in s or not."
Tom Jones’s first album
Jesus’s disciples

it's still perfectly solid in english.
Ok, glad to read that. :)
I was a bit afraid about how the game could be welcomed by native English people.

The only part I wasn't really a fan of was a battle segment that went on for quite a while.
I balanced the battles at the end of the development, I can surely improve this part.

because for about the first hour or so the dialogue between characters is often pretty unconvincing
Hmmm unfortunatly I can imagine a lot of details and nuances were lost in the translation. :/

The author also made Les Aventures de l'Iris Noir, pity that I never played it but I remember I downloaded that game months ago..
Oh please, this is a game from 2007, I was young, it's uncomplete and pretty crappy on a lot of aspects.
You should not play it. :F

Phileas's Mirror

Can I ask you where are you from ?

Unfortunatly I have a few charsets with special characters in it.
I can plan to remove them but it could take me some time.

Phileas's Mirror

/!\ If you downloaded the game these past two days, there was still a fatal bug /!\

Sorry about that :(

I uploaded a new fixed archive.

If you don't want to download everything again, please simply download this map file, and put it in the "Data" Folder to replace the old one.

Phileas's Mirror

Yes, of course! :)

Phileas's Mirror

Oh crap, a last minute change I did not checked. -_-
Very sorry.

Edit : Ok uploaded a fixed version

(Juste for brawnie) : Please download and replace this file in the Data folder :

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