List of plot twists?


This feels just so right...

I think I'm going to adopt this idea

List of plot twists?

I'm writing an RPG storyline, and I need some ideas for plot twists.

Sure there are lots of them on google but I'm looking for topics
inside RPGMAKER.NET that actually talk about this exact subject



Whats the difference between RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker Tsukuru 2003?

I just realized they are two separated things on games section...

Help us desgin de best RPG Ever.

I like this funny epic trailer that you guys did for moving into... your new office? Not sure.

Also you're right, it is a prime location being next to Dominos.

I was expecting something to happen in the video lol!!

What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

Thank you guys you are all so sweet.

For me, it's definitely The Longing Ribbon. A game that uses RM2K RTP yet manages to make me scarequit... yeah.

By the way, Marvel Brothel is now hosted at GameJolt.

Oh yes, The Longing Ribbon, I also played that!

Never heard of the Marvel Brothel until now

Interesting ^^

Anything produced by that depraved Lunatic Calunio is creepy and disturbing. I fear no man, but that -thing-, it scares me...

I suggest people start with die2dance and join me in his rendition of hell, then work your way up to Beautiful Dungeoneer or Marvel Brothel if you can find it. Both of these games are a real piece of work

Looks so great!
but I don't think it suits my playstyle

"You're a regular demon. Satan has called you to make the Hell Disco Club a more entertaining place. You must gather the lost soul of dancers in Limbo and bring them to Hell, trying to make the Hell Disco Club more fun. Discipline your dancers and make sure they dance according to the music! "

Help us desgin de best RPG Ever.

I answered the survey, hopefully that will help

Need music for your game? I'm your guy! Music composer here.


nevermind dude

What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

Hey guys, I played and beaten Beautiful Escape Dungeoneer as well.

I have no words for that game...it is SO unique!

It was also the first time I heard that song "Mad World"


Is this possible?

Is it possible to mix both "Psychedelic" with "Comedy" in terms of genre? and still get something good out of it?

(In general, games, films, everything)

Sup; greetings from a somewhat lurker? XD

Think you lurkin'?

I've been here since 2011 and never introduced myself!

Talk about lazy. Lol.

Welcome to RNM :)