I'm Scared of Girls

After reading all the comments I felt kinda relived that I wasn't the only one lost lol

This game is really confusing...

But everything is neat and the atmosphere is so great!

good job

Legendary Legend

I'm stuck...
after the rixi's sister joined the party
where the hell am I supposed to go?


Neo Jado

Hi, this is the only RPG Maker game that managed to keep me from playing it from beginning to end without taking any breaks!
fantastic game...

I actually cried when the birthday kid died and the guy gave him his birthday present...


PS edit: Even tho Malpite is my favorite character from Bahamut Lagoon, i have to say, the opening is one of the best i've ever seen :)

[RM2K3] Am I allowed to do this? According to RMN Guidelines?

I wanted to do a sneak peak picture of my game, but It's nowhere near ready and youtube's being a bitch to me. so i'll do it anther day :(

[RM2K3] Am I allowed to do this? According to RMN Guidelines?

Is it a dating sim where you try to seduce Satan

That's well funny haha...

The game name is inspired by the main boss, which is a girl who has been given satanic powers to...

[RM2K3] Am I allowed to do this? According to RMN Guidelines?

Well, I was wondering...

Could I upload my game, even if it was named "Take Me Satan"?

[delete plz]


these are awesome *-*

Black Warrior of the North

Feel free, I won't release it to the public anymore.

What fascinates you the most in an RPG?

I mean this question in a way to understand deeply the how is the "good feeling" you get when you are playing different types of RPG.
Is it the graphic settings?
Is it the awesome music playing in the background?
The systems in that particular game that makes it unique?
The amazing story line that has blown you away when you played it?
Having the option to go into different story lines throughout game?
What fascinates you the most?