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I'll message you my phone number right now.

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Going by your name I have a pretty good guess, JC.

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Leric! Are you still here?
Yes I am. Sorry it took so long to respond, been off the net since like Friday (and any time I had to spend on it last week was dedicated to E3 stuff lol).

Cyber Factor

Whoa... that's lengthy...
Before I get into this firstly I just wanna thank you for taking the time to make such a lengthy post about my game :)

Now let's get to it shall we...

EDIT: I can't get the hide function to work right with the quotes so I hope you all will excuse this mega sized wall of text I'm leaving here. Just pretend it's a Colossus that you have to climb down instead of up! :D

-Cant lvl up but start at lvl/rank 22 interesting :3
Originally the plan was to have a low max lvl/rank and slower leveling rate similar to something like Baldur's Gate so at the time Rank 22 would be the max of the game. The max rank is actually 100 now but I'll go into why later on.

-That boss...is so powerful i thought you are supposed to lose for the story lol...was hard as hell!
I generally like my games on the more challenging side and this tends to reflex in the difficulty of my own games but yeah being that he's the first boss and all he was definitely too hard and I've actually nerfed him since the last demo release. He's still not a chump but you should find beating him much easier in the full release.

-NOOO! i cant help but feel a little trolled when you start off badass then you take control of a weaker character XD (bad memories)
Sorry about that, I wasn't trying to troll you lol. My goal with the intro area was to give the player a "taste" of how powerful they could become later on as well as give them sorta a tutorial area where they can learn the game's mechanics in an easier setting (and then I drop that hard boss on your head lol, this is one of the reasons I nerfed him).

-Hmm Caprines Heart 2 Hearts is the same as cure but better yet cost the same to cast
Yeah that's not a bug just me at the time not knowing what to do to balance out healing/status recovering Combis. I mean the balance works in battle since Heart 2 Heart also costs part of the Combi meter to cast but using it straight from the menu makes Cure completely useless since it doesn't take the Combi meter into account at all.

I honestly wish I could just make Combi Arts only useable in battle like you can items but I don't know of a way to do this (atleast not easily... I have an idea though...). Right now in the full game Combi Arts like that simply take more EN/MP to cast which works but I'm not sure if I'll keep it like that or find a better solution.

-unless theres a trick to it bosses are too strong,if you could lvl it up a few times it may not be so bad,but you get very little exp per fight compared to how much you need so early on
Yep this is the reason I upped the Rank cap to 100. I've also rebalanced it so in the full game you will receive more XP than in the demo and if you fight a majority of the enemies you should be a bit higher level than was typical in the demo. If you actually grind then you'll probably be able to make the game fairly easy(-ish). And sadomasochists like myself can still get punished by just fighting less enemies. Grinding was nigh impossible in the demo mainly due to my planned Rank cap at the time of 22.

-Zoie you fool! for once her friend is correct GTFO :O

-i don't like zoei anymore :( kids that don't listen to adults are scum :/
Early game Zoei can be a bit of a... ditz and even a "drone" in her hatred of the Geist but hopefully if I do my job right you'll like her better as the game goes on and she matures a bit/you learn more about her. That's one of the problems with a RPG demo like this you only get to see the characters at their worse without any of the character development lol.

-i was expecting him to be based of cloud :3 he does share a lot of similarity's tho :3
I haven't played FFVII in years (probably since when it first came out) so I don't really remember how Cloud was in it. Though FFVII did probably start my love of RPGs that steer more towards Science Fantasy and/or have more anachronistic themes so there might end up being more Cloud in there than I think.

-too bad Xp is shared to all usable characters : (
It shouldn't be (like if a party of 3 gains 150xp then everyone should receive 150xp a piece instead of just 50xp) unless I've been missing something this whole time (or I misunderstood what you meant by shared).

-i don't like Kayne >.>....the worlds kind of ending and all he thinks about is sex...even if it wasn't that's just stupid..

-kayne is sick...dear god why....kill him off...

-im really disliking this game now >.> by any form of common sense i demand to leave the area.i would not stay with this creep :/
I like to think of early game Kayne as that guy in every post-apocalyptic/disaster movie that unlike the other people who still seem to have atleast some hope he seems to be stuck in "don't really care anymore" mode lol. Kayne was always sorta a "womanizer" but watching the entire world deleted piece by piece has really turned him into a self-indulgence focused jerkface.

Like you'd think finding out that he actually isn't the last person on the planet would give him atleast a little bit of hope but nope he's been at this long enough that he sees Zoei's appearance as little more than a delay of the inevitable end of all life.

You'll notice that even after Heiro restores Rim Village his first thought is just to go to the bar and drink not even help them save the world cause in all honesty he's already given up on that. It's only after being told about Hawk in Wand Forest does he seem to regain any real purpose. As the game goes on and his hope rises (again if I do my job right) you will see Kayne become a character who focuses far less on his own base desires and actually uses the wisdom of his age and experience to become a source of reason to the party. You kinda can see alittle of this towards the end of the demo since he's starting to believe they can actually pull this off but yeah early game Kayne, that guy's pretty much a selfish perverted jerk lol.

I should note though that one of my main themes with Zoei and Kayne's early personalities was that I wanted them to both represent hope and hopelessness at extremes. So Zoei should comes off as insanely determined and Kayne should come off as the complete opposite. Through out the course of the game you learn more about why they're like that and hopefully by the end of the game they'll balance out a bit.

-another - for Zoie come on there kids and what they have may not only be more useful to you then them but seriously!so what if they cry!?
^terrible idea to give a choice that forces you to pick one especially when you probably dont want that option
This is part of early game Zoei's naive "hero" persona. She's very hesitant about doing anything bad no matter how small. It's one thing to skip class to do what she thinks is right but making kids cry? Oh no no no early game Zoei's not gonna do that lol.

Also the choice actually does have a baring on the game btw. It's similar to the Star Ocean series in that all these little choices do amount to something. As far as what you're gonna see in the demo characters do say a few different lines depending on some of your previous choices but overall it plays into something else that I don't want to spoil.

-hmmm the ends of the town should of had a sign or something letting you know,theres no difference between a area and a border
At one point I thought about making the arrows for going back to the world map different from those that just take you to another area of the same place. To be completely honest with you I forgot all about that until now :P

- :( bounty's was never added,makes me sad :(
Ah that, it's one of those ideas I had that never worked out how I wanted it to :C

-Zoie...sigh i hate her too now,she is just a empty racist character who hates the Geist just because they are geists...
Yep Geist hatred is pretty common among the humans but one thing you have to understand as far as the humans know the Geist are literally a virus whose sole purpose for existing is to delete their world, they have no culture, no emotions, no remorse for anything they do, you can't even really communicate with them (there have been cases of exceptions to this rule though) and the only reason they're even labeled as living beings is because of the fact that they display signs of life after assuming a form but even that classification is debatable since they're also classified as a virus.

Now back to Zoei, her whole time on Heaven's Edge has been spent training to become an Einlanzer which in this time period is basically just a Geist exterminator. Her entire country (Everlon) was deleted by Geist and on top of that it's easy to label them as monsters when the only communication between them and humans is them trying to delete the human and the human trying to destroy them.

Matter of fact the first recorded case of contact with a Geist capable of communication ended with the start of the Geist crisis so yeah among most humans they're nothing more than monsters that live to do nothing more than wipe out all existence. So Zoei would see getting rid of them as an heroic act since as far she knows it would save pretty much everything else besides them.

But is this all there is to the Geist? I don't wanna spoil anything but I'll just say that even they have a purpose behind what they do but what drives this purpose you'll discover in the game whether their cause is just or not will be up to you to decide.

You're the first person I've heard use "racism" for the general human attitude towards Geist but I'm actually glad you used it since it makes me feel like I'm sorta succeeding in my goal of not having a clear good vs. evil "Dark Lord of Pure Evil" villain. I want different people who play the game to view things differently than another person might.

-Jailia the trade route town needed a quick exit,its a pain to go and find one lol..(to world map)
Yeah I've changed that. I came to this realization myself since well... without spoiling anything let's just say the frustration goes up x1000 when it becomes a more important place right after the demo ends lol.

-Never and i mean NEVER give a choice directly after a battle! need to be able to save 1st!
Are you talking about allocating skill points after you level up? I've been thinking about changing this to an item which you use when you want to spend them instead of it just being right after the battle you leveled up in. This item would also allow you to check your Body, Mind and Soul levels at anytime rather than just in shops. Only problem is I'm not sure how well changing this would work with the current system so it may take quite a bit more reworking than I think to get it in.

-not much to it but the swimming feelings was still pretty cool
Yep I like it too. I literally threw that in at the last minute lol. Originally it just made a diving sound and went to the next none swimming area but that felt I dunno cheap to me for some reason.

-Dr topple is one of the best characters in this! his common sense broke the scouter!
Yep this touches more on what I mentioned earlier, if I do my job right every villain will have a purpose beyond just "lol I r teh evilz" because I personally hate those types of villains. I wanted some players to actually understand what Dr. Topple was trying to do since while some might find him completely insane when you get down to it he's trying to save the world just in a different way than what the party is doing.

I should also mention that Topple is the one who invented the .exe system used to give humans elemental arts and this is what he's mostly know for so yeah he's definitely not all bad.

-Did not know was a demo :3
I would say this demo is probably like a little less then 1/3 of the game so you have alot more coming if I ever get the freetime to finish it that is :C

-powerful optional bosses(tho not many sadly)
The majority of these come toward the end of the game and post-game. I'm trying not to go overboard on this kind of stuff because I gotta finish the game one day lol but I wanna make sure there's a good deal of it too.

-lots of playtime(dont mind short games either in fact i generally like shorter -better 30-120 minutes tops)
For me it depends on the game I think. In this game's case though I don't think I could have made it short even if I wanted to with the whole theme of restoring the entire world.

but the areas being "deleted" which Apparently means sent to another dimension with it and anything in it time frozen
Actually it literally means deleted just like you would data off your computer. One of the things I don't think I explained that well in the demo is the nature of the world. Cyber Factor's "Earth" is more like an extremely complex digital existence.

The easiest way to think about it would be to imagine if one of Sword Art Online's virtual worlds were actually THE real world as far as the characters in-game know (yeah that manga/anime has made explaining this game's world ALOT easier lol). One of the most basic differences from our world is how bodies actually work. Life Force is a literal thing and you'll notice no one ever mentions blood or bleeding, that's because it doesn't exist at all since people basically die when their Life Force reaches 0.

You also may remember characters mentioning "datology"? It's literally the science of manipulating the data that make up everything in their world. From a game perspective it would be like if in-game characters learned how to reprogram their own game world (to a limited extent).

You'll also notice that religions tend to be almost exclusively focused on the Onnunaki that's because in this world it's a known fact that they are the ones that created everything. Though this world's purpose and why the Onnunaki created it are mysteries better left discovered in-game.

I've actually written a crap ton of notes on how everything works in the game since I kept having questions myself (do digital people poop?) and there's actually a biology book in-game. So I'd rather not say much more cause I don't wanna end up accidentally spoiling anything lol.

the battle sprites were my favorite part of the game,and must of took a fair amount of extra work,thank you for that it was awesome!
Let's just say that when I finally finished all the animations I actually went out and celebrated like the game was finished lol. MileSTONE doesn't even cover it I felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest :D

that stat and ability system on the other hand were not to my enjoyment,i prefer characters just having a set list of moves they can learn(not thru items,also not upgrading stats after battle(needs a faster system as well)
I dunno I guess it depends on the game for me but in most games I tend to prefer having a choice in how I build my characters rather than the game just telling me what each character can do but to each his/her own.

I don't really think linear progression would work for this game though since your choices of Tech and Elemental Arts decides what Combi Arts are available to you and if it were linear players would always have the same arts.

Funny thing though I once switched to making this game on RMXP and in that version I planned for everyone to have elements ala Chrono Trigger so you wouldn't choose Elemental Arts only Tech Arts. This was mostly because I had planned to have multiple character Combis (also like CT) which I never got working properly in the Rm2k3 version. Though if I ever make a sequel (with all the background info I've written and how much I love this world it's very likely that I will one day) Double and Triple Combis are a must and now you have me wondering how I'll handle Elemental Arts there...

*Also i apologize to Leric for taking so long to get around to this.
i know the lack of feedback can be a bit of a downer when you put your hear,soul and life into a project.
No apology needed at all I'm just glad you took the time to write all this about my game. Not to mention responding to your post was pretty fun :D
And thanks for giving my game a try, I hope you enjoy the full game when it's released!

Cyber Factor

1st ive heard of that,looks alot better :3
thank you

for anyone else wondering about the clear type thing

So I take it gerkrt's suggestion worked then?

Well that's great to hear and I hope you enjoy the game :)

Cyber Factor

hello,was on a break from rpg maker games back to play more and this was next
but as it was made with the 2003(2000 also has this problem)
some of the letters painful to the eyes
and tho i swear i downloaded and installed a font that fixed it
i guess its not working for ? reason
any case heres a example

if someone knows and can give me a link to a font that will make this look better id appreciate it.thank you

Whoa I remember having this same problem years ago... Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I did to fix it but I did find this that does sound like something I did at one point:
If the in-game fonts appear squishy and the letters run together, try the following steps, in order, to solve the problem:

1. Install the "msgothi0.ttc" and "msmincho.ttc" fonts by copying them from the fonts directory included in the installation to the \windows\fonts directory and double-clicking on them. See if the fonts look correct now.

2. If the step above didn't work, install the "RM2000.fon" and "RMG2000.fon" font files into windows\fonts as described above (note that installing these files isn't necessary if you already have RPG Maker 2000 installed), then copy the "RPG_RT.exe.dat" file included in the fonts directory over the one in the main application directory (the same directory as the RPG2003.exe file). Create a new project and see if the fonts look correct in that new project.

TIP: I have been told that downloading Japanese language support for Internet Explorer makes the fonts used for method #1 work reliably. Try it and see.

NOTE: If you have to use method #2 above to fix the fonts, projects you created before performing the fix will not be fixed. You must copy the RPG_RT.exe file from the new project over the one in your existing project(s).

If you don't have the fonts mentioned in this (should be in your rpg2003 folder) I can give them to you.

Cyber Factor

I like to see that the game continue i liked it a lot. I suggest you to make a blog addition to make clear that the game is continued to people

Yeah it's been a loooonnngggg time since I've done a proper update so I think I will.

Also thanks for the continued interest, it means alot to me (that goes out to you, DrewB1442 and anyone else who is actually still waiting on this game).

Cyber Factor

*Give Darken a confident thumbs up*

Cyber Factor

Mistake double post (how do you delete posts here?)

Cyber Factor


"This video is private"

But yeah I get your point lol.
Progress is still going... slowly due to work, college and my randomly dieing PC that's on its last leg (I have like a hundred backups so there's no chance of this being one of those "I lost the work" situations).

Honestly I'm actually done... well technically... there's still ALOT of polishing, testing and balancing to do and I'm considering putting in some of the extra endgame ideas that I cut in order to finally finish it.

So yeah it's coming... just really slowly... besides holidays and not sleeping to work on it I literally have no time to work on anything at all nowadays :(
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