Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

You must be playing from an early version... If you were to be playing from V1.02-V1.04, I made sure you don't need to farm for anything. The money gains are high and the monsters are much easier in the snowish area.
No. I downloaded this not long ago and I think it was 1.03 according to the version.txt... and I downloaded 1.04 a few days ago.

I'm pretty sure my level is too low. I'm only level 15/16 at the moment. In games with visible encounters I usually(if they respawn) try to kill every enemy 1 time(and in most games at the end it still needs a bit more farming). In games with random encounters... cause it is random I don't know how much to fight until I get to a boss and it is too hard. In the town I walk around a lot. In areas with mobs - especially if there is a puzzle - I try to minimize step count cause random encounters are annoying... especially if you are doing a puzzle like boulders and stuff. This could have kept my level a bit low.

Also a problem is the lack of healers. I prefer at least 1 healer class in the group that can heal everyone with 1 skill by default... not the items. Makes it much easier to just spam 1 in the normal random encounters(nobdody wants to select skills every time... gets too boring and you just want to do this battles fast) and then heal up after the battle.

And lastly, monsters in the snowy area usually take 1-2 hits as Falk, and often 2 as Nya, and damn near always one as Cindy with her fire spells. Then I finish off a weakened foe with Arc. The enemies in the ruins are a tad bit more difficult.
I really shouldn't have sold my fire-weapons... -_-'
That sounds hard... I think I still have fire weapons. And Nya has a fire skill - only skill I bought back in Tyrone at the skill teacher. That's also a problem of the game: The skill tree where you could chose the wrong skills(and later need other skills) and that buyable skills - if you are not buying everything the first time you visit(cause not enough money) and need a specific skill later but can't buy it then.

My Nya is doing 1000 damage at 1 hit with her skill doing 2 hits every turn usually finishing most mobs fast(and I wished I could split her 2 hits on different enemies). Others are weak. Arc of course weakest. Only 1 hit. Falk a bit stronger 2 hits every turn. Cindy's fire skills are not that strong... maybe I better should have put all the points in the first fire skill instead not 3 then the next 3... but still good. 2nd strongest after Nya.

A problem is that the chars with the lowest amount of SP have the skills with the highest cost... I bought that hat item for Nya which fixes this a bit... but unfortunately can't buy this for Falk(fortunately not using that earth skills that much) and Arc(his skills are nice sometimes). Cindy really does not need it. Tons of SP lol.

But yeah... the normal trash mobs random encounters are a pain... makes you try to avoid them which is why my level probably is even more low.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

I think I'm stopping to play now since it is getting a bit boring - because of all the random encounter and the hard boss fights(probably because my equipment is too low because I never have enough money to buy everything and I don't like farming).

I'm in that ice village temple to get the herbs but that 4 water boss mobs are too much...

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Is it possible to do side quests later(to go back to all the previous villages you visited)?

I know from some of the quests that they have to be finished later because I need stuff that I'll probably get only later(like all the cokes).

But now I have one quest where I need 20 green goo adn 10 blue goo... and I don't want to do that now... takes too long to farm.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

According to the version info.txt it is 1.03. I downloaded the main download here a few days ago. All chars are level 12. Maybe level 12 is too low but I don't leveling and random encounters that much - I never escaped so far but I always tried to move not that much so maybe I did not get enough random encounters to level up enough.

The 4 small monsters are not a problem. Saber and Tash can 1 shot them(Saber sometimes missing) with their special skills but then the big guy is only taking 400 damage even from the special skills which seems to take a long time considering you have to heal often(means you can't attack with that char and need tons of heal items).

Edit: With between 10 and 20 recovery pods I think it would work. Tried now with 10... and I'm using all the 10 and then getting in trouble. 10 and always using them with Angel to get 600 heal. Letting Tash use her 10 sp skill and Saber using his normal attack or special skill...
Saber is a bit a problem. Too low sp and the special skills use that much. That should have been more balanced. Angel almost unlimited skill use and never running out of sp and others can only use their skill 1 or 2 time(Saber with 60-70 sp and has a skill with 60 sp cost and others around 30 sp cost). If Saber had more sp it would be easier cause he could constantly deal more damage... now he is at 200 or I need to use every 2 attacks a milk or something so he can use the 400 damage special attack a bit more.

Edit2: Nevermind. Finished it with 10 recover pods. Used all of them. He always used "quake" attack to attack all my guys and Saber always taking more than 50 percent damage... from 10xx down to arond 400-500. Only in the last round he used "Triple Attack"... all other times that annoying "quake". Not fun... and Saber is supposed to be the strong guy ha ha. Weak and always needed the full heal.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Okay. Stopping here now. Unfortunately that boss is too hard. Even with 10 recovery pods not possible cause I'm doing only 400 damage and need 1-2 guys using recovery pod to heal. Seems Angel can heal 600 instead of 300 with the recovery pod but still not helping that much. The boss is too overpowered.

Too bad cause the story seemed interesting. But that uncessesarily hard boss fight is ruining the fun. Don't want to try countless times until I can continue with the story.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

What do I need to to at Mount Lemele? There is a cave... there are different doors with different colors and boulders but I can't open the first doors cause there is no hint on where to move the boulders. Tried to move them to the gate but this is not working.

Edit: Nevermind. Found info on the 2nd comments page. Seems more people had this problem. Usually you would think there are some "buttons" in the floor where you had to push the boulders but there aren't. Trying the solution mentioned on 2nd comments page now.

Story so far seems interesting and I want to know more.

Edit2: Okay now I'm at the boss. Is it normal that he uses his attack which is attacking all my party members every turn? Cause 1 gets killed in 2 hits... so should I try to keep all alive or just keep 1 alive and heal that 1 and do some hits... cause 1 of them seems to be able to take more hits... but going to take a long time. This seems not balanced well. Will probably take me some time which is boring cause fighting is boring.

Edit3: I forgot you could buy "recovery pod"... this should help... until I get the skill to heal everyone. Went back now and bought a few... with the money I farmed from the random encounters.

Love and War: Act I OUT!

Fuck yeah. Uninstalling Guild Wars 2 now. Lol.


I sometimes had these problem in the past. Very same probleme with different games. I also use 64-bit Windows. I thought it was the game or the save file but loading back to another save file or restarting the game did not help.

What helped for me:
Restarting Windows.
Then it worked again and the problem was gone. Good that it did not occur that often because restarting every few minuts/ hours would have been a pain. But it really did not happen that often.

The Reconstruction

Did not like the combat system and the fact that there are timers on misson(for bonus and I always want all boni) and no free saving. Stopped playing after dying at the first boss battle because I did not want to to try again because it says it does not give essence. And did not want to walk all the way again.


I needed to farm/ level later in the game and do some level ups with only fighting 1, 2 or 3 battles then going to inn rest and fight again.

Lots of items to replenish health and mana needed later and level up to the higher spells that attack more than 1 enemy. Also the bonus char that can join helped me a lot later with his buffs.