vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

And I am not making blog articles where I am whining about others. I prefer to play the good games and have fun. Instead of whining all the day because I don't like something. Because whining is not fun.

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

Everybody is free to do they want. If some people want 20k even if they don't need 20k then it is okay. If other people want to pay it then it is their problem. Or not if they are happy with it because they think it is a good thing to pay the money.

If you say they are not informed about better games out there...
that might be true. I know a lot of better games that don't even ask for donations and I would not pay money for the games mentioned in this blog article.

But this blog article surely won't help the people that are paying. If they are not that well informed they probably are not going to read this because they don't spend much time on rpg maker stuff(if they did they were informed and would not need this blog article).

This blog article is only whining and jealousy because nobody is paying you money. You should just shut the fuck up and make your own games. And try to make better games first before complaining about the others. Whining about others always means that you are not able to produce anything worthy.

Oblic mentioned Sailerius' review of Forever's End. And yes, I liked Forever's End. Because of the story and gameplay. But I liked Vacant Sky too. More because of the story than of the gameplay. I did not agree with Sailerius' review on Forever's End. I hated it a bit but I still liked Vacant Sky because I'm not going around saying "omg he dislikes one of my favourite games now everything he makes is shit, now I have to hate Vacant Sky". And the same is with this blog which is against him. I can't say no "omg cool I agree with everything against him because he disliked one of my favourite games". I think such blog articles are only trying to create hate. We don't need this. And we don't need reviews like the one from Sailerius' on Forever's end. Same thing.

And about story: Story can be something you would pay for if you like it. Even if the graphics are shit or it didn't need much work to make them. To make a good story it will need hours of work too and he could use that hours to work somewhere else else for money. Read about: ... surely probably 20k is still too much if he were unemployed and you only consider this cost. Would take a lot of months where he worked full time on the game(but he probably is not working full time). But who cares. Not my money. I am not paying anything. Ha ha.

Success of the Kickstarter + Moving forward

So this TFT guy is jealous because he is not able to make any money with his shitty games? Or why is he making a blog article where he is whining and posting that link to it here? Can't see any other reaseon. Ha ha.

Bloodsphere v.2.0?

Yeah. The normal monsters were a problem. I had to level a few times later in the game. If you get the magic that attacks all enemies then it will be easier. Also the optional char with his buffs helps a lot. I think I was too low at the end but with all that buffs it was easy.

War of Two Worlds

Does someone know how to kill the "Abomination" in Dios ruins? I'm gathering the materials needed for the airship at the moment and this monster is always doing bad status effects on everyone of my party and there is no way to guard against everything.

Edit: Nevermind. Just killed it. All the times I tried until now it used that one skill that effects everyone very often and early and I seems I had just bad luck because it affected everyone with rage and/ or confused. Now it only used it one time after a few turns and I could kill it because only one person was affected by confused. Just healed him and attacked and didn't bother with healing the effects like poison on the other persons. Only went for killing that monster fast and used the fire skills and the others attack.

War of Two Worlds

I found a bug. In one of the villages at the beginning(I think it was the 2nd village: Winding) there is a boy with a "stamina test". If you tell him you want to do the test and it switches to the other map with the test then you can decide to show the rules, do the test or not to do the test and stop. Probably everyone does the test so nobody noticed. If you decide not to do the test and leave then your menu will be disabled.

Star Stealing Prince

I didn't have problems with Last Scenario... but I didn't play it all to the end and I didn't do optional bosses(I know there were some strong ones if I remember correctly). But the beginning was easy. But I remember another game I stopped playing: Chronology of the Last Era. This had one very hard robot fight at the beginning and I think a lot of people complained there. Because the normal monsters were strong too and you used a lot of items at them. Waiting for the new version there and try it again. Also I'll try Star Stealing Prince in a few days again. Maybe. I always do it like that if there really is a problem. Somtimes if i try it again a few days later it feels a lot easier. Playing some other games now.

And no. I don't have Cura. According to the blog/ guide you get this later at hedgemaze.

Star Stealing Prince

I tried to use that 2 items from the beginning(Scary Mask and the other one). I poisoned him and I blinded him with IP skills. But it got annoying when later he used that skill which damaged everyone of my party for a lot hitpoints and when he kept respawning his 2 allies every turn for 4 or 5 turns in a row everyt ime I killed them. Fortunately they were killed fast because I used the flame skill that attacks every enemy. But it cost lots of mana. Healing helped that one IP skill that heals everyone. But I can't use it all the time because not all the time I have high IP.

Which means I would have to let everyone heal themselves later if enemy uses tha attack that hits everyone. I always thought he was almost dead and I just could hit him with a few more attacks instead of healing.

And I don't like the fighting menu. Ring menu looks nice but I think it would be easier for playing to have a normal menu with text because you are used to it and can play faster. You see the text and the brain is working faster and you can click faster. With that ring menu and the icons you need to be slower to get the right things because you are not used to it and need to go slowly through the options and read the text and then click. I'm a lot slower with this ring menu and this makes me want to use the normal attacks or magic most the time. Maybe I should have used the items like Scary Mask more later in the battle. Only used them in the beginning and then spammed magic with everyone. The skills that hit one enemy if only was one enemy and if he spawned his helpers the other skills that attacked all enemies. What I don't like is a lot of healing and later I would have to heal a lot which makes battler longer because all chars need to heal themselves if he does that attack that attacks everyone.

Edit: You should tell in the guide if the player is supposed to use lots of the rare heal items which you can find that can heal everyone or if you should save them for later. Because with these items it might be a lot easier. I didn't know if I should use them. Would be interesting to hear what the average item use on this boss is. Because you certainly need a lot of basic heal and mana heal items or a few of the rare heal items you can't buy. First boss was much easier. I killed him and had no problems. Didn't use any items at all. Only spammed the magic until he was dead. But I didn't check my level. Maybe I was higher than recommended.

Star Stealing Prince

Sorry. Stopped playing at the 2nd boss(The Old). I'm level 7 and I tried the strategy from your blog. Still to hard. The attack which hits everyone for around 100 hp is just too much. Can't outheal this and it is annoying if it kills one and if I have to revive him and he shortly dies after this again because he is on low health after the revive. There should be an easy mode because the story seems interesting. But I'm not going to try the battle 100 times because of the story. There are enough other games with easier battles and good story to play.