Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I see. Thanks. Tried it again today and I finished the desert. Now I understood the setup of the exits.

Loops from left to right with the ocean at the bottom leading to the 3 squares wich left exit to the left bottom square of the map and so on. 2 or more arrows on the same side still direct each to the same next map.

And at the top the left and right square top exit leads to the bottom square which probably got me confused (after exiting and then going down the same exit you end up at the ocean).

Does it matter which camp options I chose? (Seems some stats and minor skills are different but that is not a big deal.)
Might change the romance though - in combination with the other options to choose from sometimes where it is between Nadia vs. Martia. After the desert village and killing the plant Seth ended up with Martia. I guess Gallian wouldn't get gay for him and the previous Allison options only might have lowered some romance counter for Nadia ... if there even is a change in romance depending on the options you choose.

So far I have all the Gaia shards (same count according to your guide) - and trying to play without guide as long as there is no stuff permanently missable. (For this I used that other list someone posted here.)

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Good game. I'm in late game in the desert now. So far the story was interesting and I like the chars and game mechanis with the weapons and skills and upgrades and the mastery stuff. Most minigames were easy (only the drinking contest was hard and I cheated ... but then again ... there is no unique reward so it does not matter.)

Bike minigame got me a bit confused first but after reading the comments here I managed to to it easily and all minigames after that so far have been easy.

Now the desert is very annoying. Makes me wanna stop playing cause I like to get everything and it is hard to explore with the enemies (hopefully later a item/skill will exist to stop them from engaging in battles). The map from the village is pretty useless. Not showing the locatin and if I walk up constantly sometimes the maps repeat. (Cause I guess the exits have some weird setup where you can't constantly walk north.)

I'd really appreciate a pictured guide with all the maps, treasure and arrows showing how the exits connect.

And I never had trouble knowing where to go next. There was a lil bit italian text still left every now and then - but that wasn't a big deal. (Most of the time only minor npcs or during a comement when a location/exit was blocked.)

My playstyle: Upgrading and getting new weapons as fast as possible. Doing all the hunts/missiosn as fast as possible. And getting all the mastery (even though I mainly used strenght at level 1 and later the one that gives more AP and for bosses maybe the defensive one but weren't really needed).

Didn't really buy armor and only every now and then I payed attention to the Atlas (never bought) when using it for Alter or hidden (unveil).

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Going to try this later. Seems like the plot could be interesting and it isn't too short with 40+ hours promised. (I'm mainly interested in plot/characters.)

Out of those 19 chars ... are only the 4 named and described in the description going to join permanently? Or are there more?

Edit: Oh nevermind ... I saw mentioning only 4 was only to avoid spoilers. So I guess more might join permanently.


I recently started replaying this game from the beginning - latest version. Played it years ago but as far as I can remember I didn't finish it. I'm now at a part where I can change the party members and there is the option "unequip all".

I think this option somehow dropped some Paladin stuff (I think armor, shield, helmet) in my inventory. At least I can think of no other reason as to why it is there. Checked the inventory (while selling after unequipping and then re-equipping) and found it. Seems Sammy can equip it.

(I guess this is from the Cirus guy back in Eridwell that joined the fighting team for a few fights.)

There was also some item that prevents all conditions - only Sammy can equip it. And a sword I think "Tolerance". I guess because of the monk background story Sammy has the same "class" as the paladin guy that's why he can equip that stuff and it is a bug cause you shouldn't be able to have access already to them just by unequipping the other guy that isn't in the party anymore.

2015 Demo & New Artwork!

Looking forward to the new demo. This is one of the few games I have subscribed to and I liked the old demo back then. Definitely going to play it.

The Logomancer

I "need" to to all the quests and discover all hidden items. That's just my style of playing because I want to see all interesting dialogue and you never know if theres is somewhere some hidden optional item that affects the story later(like with differend endings where you need certain items).

Also I always try to do all possible side quests first before advancing the main quest because you never know when the main quest will send you somewhere you can't get back from to do other side quests. Already bad for me here because I got Cynthia late and it seems she did not automatically level to 3 while the others are 3 already from doing some side quests. Developers should take this into account. I think there are a lot of other people playing like this.

Also in the mansion first part there was some "left eye of greed" hidden behind a door and I think you could miss it(I first advanced without getting it and then reloaded and got it). I don't think you can get to that first part later in case you missed this? Permanently missable stuff is bad especially with items that seem unique like this. Not a problem with potions or basic armor(without special affects) you can buy at shops.

I might try later or in a few days. Just need a break. And often later it is easier If I already did a lot of side quests first and then doing the main quest and later only a few other new side quests to do(I advanced the ones with higher levels already a bit so I can finish them faster later) ...

It would help if someone could tell me if there is some stuff I can miss in the 2nd part of the mansion with the confusion room(like the left eye of greed in the first part where you could advance without it). Because then I really would have to check every room which takes a lot longer to make sure you did not miss a room at maps with such confusing setup.

Beloved Rapture

There is progress? Wow, nice. I played the demo ages ago and liked it. One of the few games I have subscribed to here.

The Logomancer

Okay. Already considered this first.
But I did not try because after the puzzle in the cave I thought this would be to easy - just randomly try to to press enter near the word "crown".

Now I'm at the next annoying puzzle in the haunted mansion in the 2nd part with the confusion room with Cynthia.

And I'll stop playing here. Just don't like these and it will take too much time to do this. I just don't like these kind of maps where you can walk in one direction endlessly. Can't remember the whole map and would need to draw a sketch which is a pain with maps that are set up like this and that big.

I guess there are more annoying puzzles later in the game? Thought the one in the cave already was the worst after reading the comments here. Too bad but I'll stop playing cause it seems it will continue like this.

The only one that was good and easy was the one with the hats. Liked this because it was all on one screen. Not much walking around for hours. And it was not too hard(solved in a few minutes). Since I want to progress the main story I don't want to puzzles to take too much time which is annoying cause I don't want to skip and miss stuff.

Still haven't even progressed the main quest ...

But the graphics and the idea with the combat without killing and the combat system and the items that cost nothing are nice.

The Logomancer

Do I need to answer the question of that giant about the steps in the lighthouse?
I did not find the answer. It said something about "crowns" and there was another giant nearby and I answerd his question and then all the giants disappeared and I could not answer the other question anymore.

Also at the giant up the hill at the north east town the characters said we would need another giant to get up there but later I was just able to talk to him while standing next to the hill when he also was next to the hill.

The Logomancer

Thanks I figured it out now. Main problem were the combined symbols(if for example you use "upwards" more than once at the test chest). I forgot to try these to see how the different things look together(longer horizontal lines).

Also I only knew (000)1 -> 1 and (00)10 -> 5 (from the test chest input) which I first thought was random and I had to guess the others but then I understood it with the Quinary already mentioned at one of the previous page of comments. Just used 100 -> 25, 1000 -> 125 and 10000 -> 625 then and with the directions they are placed I could calculate the solution.

I also now understand that I could just have used it as a 5 digit base-5 number and then converted it(like already explained in the comments) without having to "build" it.