Parallax mapping and storywriter from Italy :)

A big fan of WELL MADE games for any platform - games are art, and they deserve to be loved



EnmxDev & Using Our Games

Woah, looks like this guy took also my sweet little The Last Summer :)


Very interesting game and concept :) Testament wins again! <3

Blood Opera Crescendo

Scusa se mi metto in mezzo, ma per quanto riguarda la demo esiste già una sua versione italiana :3

Capisco, speravo in una traduzione del gioco completo semmai verrà fatta, ma ci vorrà del tempo, in più il gioco deve ancora essere completato...

Ciao! Innanzitutto grazie per i complimenti :) Blood Opera Crescendo sarà presto protagonista di una campagna Kickstarter e verrà completato nel 2020. Ovviamente ci sarà una versione completamente in italiano ;) in aggiunta avremo anche la versione inglese e giapponese.

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest Review

Hey that Shakespeare quote is really appreciated :D

I must say all you wrote down is really appreciated! Thank you for playing my game and for this good review!

We are improving the game mechanics to avoid that "falling flat" thingy you pointed out! The complete game will feature grab & throw combat system and stealth system too. That means more complex and interesting gameplay along with all those puzzle/maze things you already know. Aaaaand the complete game is going to be 4-5 hours long too.

Also the game graphics are improving! Here take a first look!

I hope you will follow the development and try the complete game :)
Oh and it was not made for IGMC 2018 :P only Timothy and the Tower of Mu Demo was made for that contest. This is a "standalone" game ;)

Thanks again for your kind words!

The Last Summer Review

Thank you very much for your review Frogge!

As i've said, we are going to make a "remake" of this game for sure with improved mapping and graphics, more diversified gameplay (now we finally have a programmer onboard, he's the author of PSYCHE Locke!) and better dialogues.

We need an english proofreader for sure as i'm not perfect with this language, even if i can explain myself :D

If you want follow our FB page ( and our Twitter ( for constant updates!

Thanks again for your detailed review :) hope you will follow my future projects too!

Timothy and the Tower of Mu (IGMC 2018) Review

Awesome! I look forward to seeing the full game once it's complete! You have a great base to build off and here's hoping all your had work eventually pays off!

Fingers crossed :) thank you, it's really inspiring!

Timothy and the Tower of Mu (IGMC 2018) Review

Hello Liberty and thank you for your review!

Totally agreed with your points there and i have good news :)

First of all we FINALLY have a skilled RPG Maker programmer working with us (the author of into MISAO list) and we can finally improve our games dramatically.

The current version (in development) now have auto-reload system after death, balanced gameplay, many other aspects under refining and a lot more to come :)

We will deliver a final well-polished game, mark my words :P

Thanks again!

The Last Summer

Neat. In the meantime, I'll get to that review I've been promising if you want some extra notes on what you could do better in the remake.

Of course :) it's a pleasure to read reviews!
Also if you want take a look at other games i've made with RPG Maker here:

I'm learning how to "break" the engine limits in many ways

The Last Summer

Remake sounds interesting.

Thanks! Yes i've learned A LOT of things about RPG Maker MV during the last year and a remake should result a lot better.

Also we have now onboard a skilled programmer and game mechanics should improve dramatically as well :)

Blood Opera Crescendo Review

Thank you for this review BVGaming!

I totally agree with negative aspects you pointed out :) now let me write down a quick update about the project:

- I will hire a english proofreader for sure: the game dialogues need to be perfect and it's my top priority to fix this problem

- We finally have a skilled RPG Maker MV programmer on board (everything you played was made without a programmer) and we will concentrate on making better dialogue boxes, intense interrogation/misdirection phases with new graphics and effects, skippable cutscenes and no "waits" between dialogues :) noted down!

- Coach stations messages are already fixed ;)

- About bugs with pixel movement and shadows, we are considering to change approach and "mix" parallax mapping and regular mapping in tool: this should also improve the project size. Also we are considering to cut off completely pixel movement as it causes too many issues with events and other things but let's see how the programmer can deal with it

- Quick travel among areas is updated: now you can choose your destination on a beautiful hand-drawn map of Bleichburg without too many dialogues around :P

Thanks a lot for appreciating the potential of our game: we are working with passion to deliver a high-quality commercial game. Stay tuned ;) Kickstarter campaign is on its way along with new rythm game mechanics and some Persona-style game mechanics as well!

Waits between every interaction and line of dialogue is one of my biggest pet peeves. Hope the dev decides to take the note and fix it. As for getting a proofreader, I completely agree. I’ve only played one of the developers other games, and I’m willing to give a pass to the fact that they’re not a native speaker, but it really kills the immersion a LOT.

Good review!

Let me know what do you think about those listed updates! ;)
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