The vast mansion holds a lot of mysteries. Will you discover them?


Aunt Margaret is caring... very caring.


Titlescreen as it is, during development. May change later.


Hey, hey, hey! ^^

Shame brought me back, as i forgot to even check this site for a long time!

Yes, it is still being under development and yes, i still plan on translating it!
The game has already been growin to more than 200% of the demo´s size, so it is easy to say: The end is near!

Stay tuned for more infos to come, as the game becomes more of a fully finished product!

TREMBLE, Meatballs!


Sorry for DPing:

wavy purple-red RTP- Panorama: This was the first time someone actually realized that the Pano was an RTP. It really isnt that good, but with all the charset drawings and so on, i totally forgot about this. Its as good as redoneth!

Unfortunally no text file of the ingame-text. Most of the text was improvised. I´ll see how fast i can translate it on my own. Database and conversations are a bit tricky, because of the "funny" nature of the text. (translating jokes is mostly not that easy)

Checked the Bug, several times, nothing happened. Can you remember any circumstances that could maybe have led to this? (didnt it even happen again?)

Many Cheers and



@Overload: No it is not translated yet. Sawry :|
But i am working on it!


Glad you liked it, even tho you didnt understand a word ^^
(i´ll take it as a compliment on my slapstick styles)

The bug is very strange (more than a hundred people have allready played the demo, but nobody ever told me about this one... im researching it)

If you really wanna help translating this, then id really like to see you doing this and i´ll check the text if its correct. (because google translations suck)

The title screen music is from a friend of mine, who also did some other tracks for the game.



Finally fixed that damn title-picture.
Network is growing and prospering, my ideas for areas, folders and other crazy programs outnumber the time i have for this project.

But even though, it´ll be a while until i work on the translation, im glad for every comment/critic on NETWORK - A Cyberfunk Action RPG.


EDIT: The german Demo 1.1 is now available for download on this site! Have fun (if you can read/speak german)


Thank you! Unique indeed!


Gnah, damnit, any tips on how to fix that? I am kinda not into this Profile thing of the rmn site.

Thank you guys for your interest! The german Demo will hit the internet soon!