This has a really cool style! Gonna check it out!


Thanks a lot, stay tuned! :)

Not quite there yet, but the awesome Kylaila is working on it.
And as far as i could see, she's doing a damn good job! :)


Wow, so quick, so convinient :D
I think there is a program to convert the rpgm2k3 messages into a text file!
Gonna contact you this weekend! :)



Well, due to becoming old and having to feed my family and stuff like that, i really missed on working on the english translation.

There are several translations allready, except english, wich really bothers me.

If there is still an able mind, i'd really like to get into a mingle about a translation of this game.

End of a World

Thanks a lot! Glad this little game was able to awoke some emotions! :)

End of a World

Haven't checked those out yet, but definitely gonna give em a try! : )

End of a World

No, thank you! : )

BoX -containment-

Foolproofreader / Translator needed [Agoraphobia]

Every helper is needed, with my mad english skills.

Working on the translation as i write this, so i hope i can send you the first draft in about 1, or 2 weeks.

Are you fine with me just sending you a Message, when ready?

[RM2K3] Foolproofreader / Translator needed [Agoraphobia]

I hope it's ok to post this in the help and Job board forum.
Ye, i know... i am desperate : |

Hello folks, hope i managed to post in the right thread.

As promised i finished the enhanced version of my german Horrogame:
Agoraphobia game page -

I've started translating it into english, but i am fully aware, that i won't be able to translate it perfectly or even perfectly fitting, compared to my original script.

This means: I need your help!

Facts about the translation/ foolproof reading:
- I will translate the game using DreaMaker. A software wich is able to export all ingame text into textfiles.
This is a must, as the game is extremely non-linear and has multiple endings and pathways. Ingame Proofreading would almost be impossible.
- Everyone contributing, will of course be mentionened in the credits, in bold and double font size and have my eternal thanks.

I would really appreciate every helping hand.
And just to spice it up and maybe get your attention, for the game and this task,
the trailer of Agoraphobia:

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