Sounds good! I will set a deadline, for you, if you think you would work faster that way, hehe.
And yeah, translating from the code is like the thing with the needles and the haystacks - a mess ^^ - so i have that covered for you!
But i´ll give you more information, when i have that planned out and i can estimate how much time the translation/ proofeading will take.

... and thanks for the "awesome-looking" thingy :D
Hope i won´t dissapoint those expectations!


Perfect :D
I will do the translation myself, but common-speech or english grammar could be a small challenge. So it would be nice if someone could take a look at it, before i make a fool of myself.
And do not worry about the code, i am pretty proficient with the makerstuff
and have a big bunch of testers on hand. ; )
... and there is a nice tool (DreaMaker), that reads the whole ingame text and puts it in a txt.-file, wich will make foolproof reading and translating a lot easier!

You will get a PM when it´s done!

~ Cheerio ~ Räb!


I hope i won´t dissapoint expectations, but at least i can say, that all my testers, where more than satisfied with the outcome ; )

I hope so too ^^
As said, when it´s done, i will translate it, wich will take up to a month (maximum!)
I hope my english is sufficient enough, so that the ingame text will not sound dull, or weird.

... still, i could use a helping hand or two for the foolproof-reading.

More information, when it´s done!

Stay tuned again!
~ Räb!


The estimated release already expired, dayum ^^

The development was on hold for a month, due to the nature of "real-life" work,
but i am working like a madman to complete the original (german) version.
As soon as it reaches gold-status and all bugs and flaws are fixed, i will start translating it ;)

New estimated release date on Summer 2014

Stay tuned!


Thank´s a lot :)


This looks really awesome! very nice and unique style of graphic!


Thank you, good Sir!

I keep pushing this project, until its finished, but the current status is already pretty advanced.

When the Project is finished, tested and all bugs are erased, i will begin with the first, rough translation. When that is done, i could use some help in form of foolproof readers.
~ Räb!

Translator Wanted!

Well, sounds exactly like what i needed!
I will at first try to translate it by myself. A proofreader would be a big help!
It will take approx. a month until i will have finished the first rough translation. The games completion will be (estimated) in 1 - 2 weeks, betatests included.

I either write you a PM or will reply in this thread, when the time has come! : )

Translator Wanted!

Hey, hey, hey!

Have´nt found a similar thread for me to post in, so...

Today i have a special inquiry for you rmn folks out there!
Especially rmn folks with a german background, or at least advanced knwoledge of the language, but preferably people that are native english speakers!

reason is this:

It is not completed yet, but as soon as it is, i need someone to help me with the translation. I am fine with the translation of most of the content by myself,
but sure need someone who points out big mistakes and other spelling errors.

Even though the game is not finished yet, i can assure you, it will be.
I already have a pretty nice resume of finished games in the german rpgm-scene.
(Only 3 made it to this site, 1 complete, 1 not yet translated demo)

I´d be happy if someone would aid me in this task, orat least provides a bit of help, during translation!

Well, thats already it! Hope there are some people on this board!

PS: There is no reward whats~o~ever! A honorable mentioning in the credits at best!

Till then~
~ Räb!


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