When the Directors Cut is finished, i can use any help i can get!

I will also make an announcement, when it's done, so please check this page, once in a while : )


Oh new posts ~ Respond-time:
I'm just gonna copy&paste this little piece of text here:

I am at the moment, still working on the Directors Cut. There are a few people, who showed interest in translating the game, but i recommended, that they should wait, until the D.C. is released, as it will include major updates, content and bugfixes.

I estimate, that the DC version of the game will be released around July this year.
But that is just my personal deadline. Could be much faster :)


That would actually be pretty amazing. But beware, there is a lot of text in many different variations, as the game is extremely non-linear. Just so you know.


No dates there ~ i dont want to set a date, as i already see myself not meeting the deadline ^^

I think it can stay there, for everone else, that is searching for the RTP.
Note to myself: include RTP in future versions.

Even though i cannot check the quality of the translation, i am sure you guys did a good job. The game seems to be played a lot by russian Youtubers ^^

It Moves

Just here to download this gem and say ~ This looks amazing!
More feedback, when i finished playing.


Oh, hell-o-f a good start! 2 Error Messages - Great ^^

Damn, i don´t even know, if i am allowed to refer to a link, wich gives you the needed "common rtp" - but feck it, here it is:

Have fun! :)

That is unfortunately a system related error. But the internet has solutions for everything. Conveniently also on this website ;)
Hope it works!

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Hey, hey, hey! As said, the german Version is out since July this year.
I am working on a major update of this game, wich is why i did not want to start translating it yet.

But i still could use some (or a lot of) helping hands, as i dont see myself handling a translation of this proportions.

So even if i said otherwise in previous posts:
I gladly take any offer, if someone wants to translate this game on their one.
(A russian translation has already been made, so it wouldnt hurt if the current release would be translated into english aswell.)
You can find the newest version of the game here:

EDIT: I also added the german Version to the RMN download section.


@Baron Samedi:
Thank you very much for ths major compliment! ´:)

As said, i am totally fine with you fixing things, but be aware, that there will be another version, with huge updates, fixes and more content.
(wich is the reason i did not finish the raw english version yet :P)

I am sorry i didn´t answer on multimediaxis, but of course, just send me those reports, you can can never have enough of these things ; )



Feel free tp do so :)
But be aware, that the current german version is not 100% fixed yet, as there are still some minor bugs to crush and flaws to straighten out.

You do not happen to be the one who already made this, are you?

If so, i appreciate your work!
Haha, just ran the name of the youtube-channel through a translator. Yes its you ^^

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Good to hear that, because i allready listed your name in the credits :D

You will get a message, when i have finished the first translation. I would estimate 2, or 3 weeks from now on, as long as everything works as planned.

Stay tuned : )