Are you working on this project yet? I really want to see it completed! Also, I hope you can remember me ;w;

Notice me, Senpai


Hi dude! It's me again, Mandred! I notice this game is a little bit old, and i want to know, if was possible, this game it's abandon or this project will be completed? I'm installing this game right now and i read about this game in the discription, dude, i really want make the three finals! I think this game have the good ending, bad ending and normal, right? Anyway! I'll say it again, keep going with your projects! I can't donate anything but, if this help you someway, you have now +1 follower! So, good bye! I will play your game now! Heh ^^)

Precognition - DEMO Version (January 29th 2018)

Hi dude! It's me again, Manfred! Will you finish this game or this project is abandoned? I'm installing this game now and i notice this game have three endings, i hope make the three endings! Hehe ^^

Around me, crimson-stained leaves

Nice game bro! I loved this game! I'm a brazilian guy and i recognise this game was the best game i ever played in my life! And, talking about the end of this game, i never thinked about that! Please, keep going with your projects!

And i have one question, this game have more endings?
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