I'm back

welp, i guess most people here won't remember me since this account has been as good as dead since 2012, but i decided to return together with my beloved zeigfried_mcbacon. we made a game for the igmc 2017 but it got disqualified due to general incompetence, but after eleven years of using rm i finally got something done, so yay!

anyhoo, i'm glad to be back and hope not to be as much of a pain as i used to be when i first signed up<3


What do you guys feel about making changes to a game based on the culture that they're localizing for? Do you think that keeping the source is your preference or that marketing it to the target audience was a better idea? PS: This is meant universally, not only for this game, it's just a textbook example for Americanization as a whole.

Innocent Sin is getting remade!

Yes, you read that right! The first part of Persona 2 is getting remade for the PSP! Have an early scan:
It's being directed by the same guy who was in charge of the first Persona's remake. It wasn't announced for North America yet, but this would be the ultimate chance for it to get an official localization for the first time!

mary4d is a rude bitch

so, after making a not-so-nice comment in post your picture thread i got contacted by a certain person. we then had a more or less interesting conversation which i want to share with you all
Vampires Batty (20:38:22): hi!
Vampires Batty (20:38:32): This is JustANormalCuteGirl, and I was wondering why you said I was "trolling."
maryfourdee (20:38:48): Idk
Vampires Batty (20:38:59): What is "idk?"
maryfourdee (20:39:07): I Don't Know
maryfourdee (20:39:15): I don't even know you
Vampires Batty (20:39:18): Me neither.
maryfourdee (20:39:23): But people keep saying things like that
maryfourdee (20:39:29): Well uh...I'm sorry
Vampires Batty (20:39:36): I just thought that was rude!
Vampires Batty (20:39:39): That's all.
maryfourdee (20:39:50): Let me edit this then
maryfourdee (20:40:26): Do you still have the account or is it blocked already?
Vampires Batty (20:40:32): I still have it.
Vampires Batty (20:40:52): Though.
Vampires Batty (20:41:02): I would not be surprised at all if, like, it was suddenly banned.
maryfourdee (20:41:13): It hapened before I reckon
Vampires Batty (20:41:19): Twice, I think.
Vampires Batty (20:41:27): But first wip is really fat.
Vampires Batty (20:41:28): I mean nice.
Vampires Batty (20:41:29): NICE.
Vampires Batty (20:41:32): He's really nice.
maryfourdee (20:41:43): '___'
Vampires Batty (20:41:48): Why is that?
Vampires Batty (20:41:56): He doesn't seem to have much of a personality!
maryfourdee (20:42:07): It's not the personality
maryfourdee (20:42:28): It's rather that he's a real blockhead
Vampires Batty (20:42:39): Really, Lucy?
maryfourdee (20:42:54): Lucy?
Vampires Batty (20:43:00): From Charlie Brown.
maryfourdee (20:43:13): Oh dear
Vampires Batty (20:43:13):
maryfourdee (20:43:29): Hahahaha
Vampires Batty (20:43:31): Anyway, yeah. I just showed him my boobs on webcam and he unbanned me.
maryfourdee (20:43:42): Is that so
Vampires Batty (20:43:43): what a loser.
maryfourdee (20:44:20): That is
maryfourdee (20:44:22): crazy?
Vampires Batty (20:44:27): I didn't actually do that.
maryfourdee (20:44:34): Thought so
Vampires Batty (20:44:37): But.
Vampires Batty (20:44:39): It would not surprise me.
Vampires Batty (20:44:46): If a moderator unbanned a girl because of that.
maryfourdee (20:45:08): I'm not sure but I think he's got a girlfriend
Vampires Batty (20:45:26): No, that's just a hand with lipstick and eyes glued on.
maryfourdee (20:45:40): I like you
Vampires Batty (20:45:48): But the wig did make it look more like a person.
maryfourdee (20:46:29): Wait why am I having a conversation about fake girlfriend
maryfourdee (20:46:32): s
Vampires Batty (20:46:39): I have no idea.
Vampires Batty (20:47:12): Probably because it's funny.
maryfourdee (20:47:43): I'm not sure if it's funny
Vampires Batty (20:47:43): om
Vampires Batty (20:47:47): Wow.
maryfourdee (20:47:51): My sense of humor is low
Vampires Batty (20:47:52): typing*
Vampires Batty (20:47:56): You mean you are not easily amused?
maryfourdee (20:48:14): No rather I don't know whether I have to laugh or not
Vampires Batty (20:48:45): Why is that?
maryfourdee (20:49:27): I'm not sure
maryfourdee (20:49:44): Maybe I bumped my head and something in body went gaga
Vampires Batty (20:49:49): Lady gaga.
Vampires Batty (20:49:50): Yeah.
Vampires Batty (20:50:03): Do you like Lady gaga?
maryfourdee (20:50:05): I'm quiet glad that Lady Gaga is banned where I live
Vampires Batty (20:50:19): I don't think Lady Gaga is banned anywhere.
maryfourdee (20:50:33): At least she's not on the chanels I watch
maryfourdee (20:50:39): I don't like her
Vampires Batty (20:50:43): WHERE DO YOU LIVE?
maryfourdee (20:50:49): Japan
Vampires Batty (20:51:02): Are you sure you're not just an anime fag?
Vampires Batty (20:51:07): Otaku.
Vampires Batty (20:51:14): That lives in America.
maryfourdee (20:51:35): No
maryfourdee (20:51:41): I live in Gifu
Vampires Batty (20:51:57): When did you move to Japan/
Vampires Batty (20:51:58): ?
maryfourdee (20:52:09): I was there all my life
maryfourdee (20:52:12): Well not directly
maryfourdee (20:52:23): I was born there
maryfourdee (20:52:33): But moved to America for a certain reason and moved back again
maryfourdee (20:52:44): It's a boring story so uh
Vampires Batty (20:52:55): Love boring stories!
Vampires Batty (20:53:00): But you probably don't want to type it.
maryfourdee (20:53:09): Oh I can I can
maryfourdee (20:53:23): I'm just not sure whether I can trust you or not
Vampires Batty (20:53:27): lol
maryfourdee (20:53:42): No offence
Vampires Batty (20:53:48): You said it was a boring story.
maryfourdee (20:53:50): I generally don't trust internet people
Vampires Batty (20:54:02): I will hire the Yakuza.
Vampires Batty (20:54:03): To go to you.
Vampires Batty (20:54:11): If you give me personal information!
Vampires Batty (20:54:14): Ha ha ha ha.
maryfourdee (20:54:19): '3')b
maryfourdee (20:54:28): I look forward to it ;)
Vampires Batty (20:54:40): No, only if you tell me boring stories.
maryfourdee (20:55:06): Nyaa
maryfourdee (20:55:14): YOu basically know the whole thing
maryfourdee (20:55:21): It's just some details I didn't mention
Vampires Batty (20:55:30): You must have won the lottery.
maryfourdee (20:55:39): Nah
maryfourdee (20:55:45): I don't partake in those kinds of things
Vampires Batty (20:55:56): Me neither.
Vampires Batty (20:56:00): Wastes of money!
maryfourdee (20:56:16): Exactly
maryfourdee (20:56:27): Fundless student here
Vampires Batty (20:56:32): Oh?
maryfourdee (20:56:44): I go to school
Vampires Batty (20:56:57): Like, college?
maryfourdee (20:56:58): And live in an apartment so there's barely any moy left for a living B-)
maryfourdee (20:57:06): It's a medical university
maryfourdee (20:57:38): Why am I teling you all this
maryfourdee (20:59:09): If you don't mind I'll go to sleep now
Vampires Batty (20:59:23): Oh!
Vampires Batty (20:59:24): I don't mind.
Vampires Batty (20:59:35): Medical university.
Vampires Batty (20:59:38): Are you going to be a nurse?
maryfourdee (20:59:51): Nah
Vampires Batty (20:59:54): Oh, I am!
maryfourdee (21:00:06): How lucky you are
Vampires Batty (21:00:11): no.
Vampires Batty (21:00:13): Unlucky.
Vampires Batty (21:00:25): But you simply must go to bed.
maryfourdee (21:01:40): True
maryfourdee (21:01:53): Good night '3')/
Vampires Batty (21:01:55): Bye!
wip i'm sorry for calling you a blockhead but i want you to know what she writes about you.

Did anybody see that?

Look closely at the cooker and tell me what you see.

Mary left the party!

Hiya everybody, I've got two weeks off, so I'll be visiting some relatives for a week.
They don't have a internet connection, so I wont be around :P
I'll miss you all, especially boobledeeboo and geodude <3
So, see you in a week :3

What Shall I Do?

I recently had a fight with a good (internet) friend, because he told me that I was acting too naiv. Then I over - reacted ( which I do quiet often ) and told him that his goofness is why he has no chesthair. Then I went offline. The next day I wrote him an excuse, but he didn't reply until today. What should I do? Should I just forget our friendship? If not, what should I write to him? :-(

FF 5. Hates. Me.

Ater a while, I wanted to play Final Fantasy V again, so I took out the GBA game and wanted to play, but then I realized that the DSi won't take GBA games. Bummer X__x
But I wanted to play the game s bad, so I went to the attic and searched for the PSX version. After about an hour I found it and it made me happy. Then I put it into the PS3, watched the intro and all that stuff. Then I wanted to save, and after closing the save screen the game just crashed. And when I load it there's just a black screen. Then I tried it again. Nothing. I tried it for about 6 times, then gave up.

Sooo... Is there any other version of the game out there?

What Makes it Smaller?

This is a very uncommon question, but... What makes you guys unhorny?
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