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First off, my apologies to all of those who have been patiently waiting for my next article in the 'Game Design Process 101' series. Real life (aka work) has been drilling me into the ground for weeks.

However, after many weeks of slowly getting in one paragraph at a time, my next article, on Level Design, is submitted, and just waiting for approval. So, just to let you all know that it has been submitted and should be showing up within the next day or two.


IDle past and future

Hey everyone, just a not about my lack of participation in...anything...lately.

The company I work for is about to launch its new website, which is my department's main project since September. This is why I've suddenly stopped being apart of things here. More than likely, I won't be around much until April.

Sorry for the delay is telling ya'll this. I'll pick up on my posting, game-making, talking, and article-writing after this site goes up!

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story

Well, Goodly People, I completely didn't think to post here about the first game I've posted, so nuts to me. I've been a member of RMN for a whole three days and haven't properly promoted my game. I submit to you all my first RPG, a story-intensive anime-based game using a combination of original and non-original characters in an original setting. It's a large download, and for that apologize, but this game features full voice acting (during battles) by over eight talented people. Anyway, for your enjoyment, I submit:

By Christian Roule
Platform- RM2k3
Status- Complete


It was a time when life was uncertain and death was as commonplace as the terror that accompanied it. It was a time when self proclaimed kings conquered the land and ruled the commoners with magic, might and murder. It was a time when those who lusted for control raced to uncover terrible secret powers best left forgotten and abandoned. A time when the innocent often found themselves as sacrifices of blood for rituals mankind was never meant to perform. This suffering caused a great outcry for justice and a need for heroes to end the agony of the oppressed. For without someone to take up the sword and fight for the downtrodden, the world wound fall into ruin at the hands of the merciless. The player experiences the childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood of Animé, and his sister Tsunami, children who become orphaned after an evil king destroys their nameless village in Blackwood Forrest. Their journey is filled with questions and tribulations and along with the companions they meet along the way, they will help lead the fight against those who would keep their world oppressed.


The story begins on a northern European continent during the dark ages with a lone man traveling a dark road on a dark and stormy night. Along the way, he comes across a nameless young girl holding her baby brother. She doesn't speak much and he can see that they are wet, cold and hungry. He takes them to his house and offers them food and shelter for the night. He learns what horrors these young children have suffered through and feeling sorry for them, offers to take them in and school them in the ancient art of Kokon do. He warns that the training will be difficult, but the girl accepts. He names her Tsunami for he can see the strength in her and yet she is also gentle and calm as the deep ocean. He names her brother Anime for he can see he is animated and full of life. Both Tsunami and Anime begin their new lives with their Sensei and all is peaceful until the day he angers the wrong person.


The beautiful and serene heroine of Lost Legacy, Tsunami comes from humble beginnings and, throughout the story, remains humble, doing the things she does because they are 'the right thing to do'. While her mannerisms are extremely proper (she never uses contractions), Tsunami is one of the most friendly and loving characters in the story. Her love for her little brother, Anime, is without condition or measure, and she will go to any lengths to protect him.

The younger brother of Tsunami, Anime shares the spotlight with Tsunami as a main character, although his story only comes to light near of the end of the game. A troubled young boy, who is riddled with inner conflict about himself and his feelings towards his sister, and prone to fits of uncontrollable rage, much of the story is experienced through Anime's blue feral eyes, giving the player an almost 'animalistically innocent' point of view.

While the main characters meet Lina Inverse quite by chance, the events and circumstances that tie their destiny to hers is anything but circumstantial. As time goes on, it becomes apparent that this brash and common sorceress wields not only incredible power, but also a key to the overall story.

Even though Gourry joins the main characters along with Lina Inverse, he is by no means her shadow. This swordsman can hold his own very easily, and is more than capable of defending against strong attacks. His loyalty to Lina is unquestionable, and despite her often times verbally-abusive behavior towards him, Gourry remains her steadfast companion

Zidane Tribal joins your party in Orleans, but only after a grave misunderstanding that causes a very entertaining sequence of events. While the cheerful Thief puts on airs of being a shameless Lady's Man, underneath that grinning exterior lay a heart of gold. He quickly becomes both Anime's best friend and a valuable member of the party. While he falls for Princess Garnet at first sight, he never loses his ability to be there for his friends.

The middle daughter of Crown Prince Phil de wil Alexandros, Garnet has always been much quieter than her father or siblings, and often times feels alienated from her blood family. Her love of her people is foremost, and she's never given thought to romance. However, there is a deep connection between Garnet and the main characters, as well as Zidane, and that connections irreparably ties the somber Princess into the deeper story of Lost Legacy.

Introduced as the General of the Alexandrian Army, Beatrix is the only character in Lost Legacy that is not immediately playable. You will get control of her near of the end of the first volume, but after that, she is an invaluable ally. Like the other playable characters, Beatrix is karmically tied to the main characters, Anime in particular, and seems to have a keen interest in him, but how and why will not be revealed for quite some time.

Khali is an enigmatic character that joins the party at the start of Year Twelve. For the remainder of the game, Khali goes in and out of the group, seemingly at random, acting as flighty as a dove on a spring day. She is whimsical and care-free, and yet her dubious profession hints at a darker secret. Who is this mysterious girl? Where is she from? Why is she here? What does she know about the deeper mysteries of the world? Would she even tell?



* Voiced intro and battles, different characters will banter with each other, enemies and the bosses
* Custom battle system features with animated battlers
* Custom puzzle-type mini game, Quibbich! Kick the ball into the goal before the timer expires. Enemies and obstacles will stand in your way, but each player has a unique power to help you.
* Focus on exploring, almost everything in the game is searchable and commented on.
* 30 out of 100 hero quests to find and complete.
* Approximately 30 hour+ gameplay


Game file was too big for this site, so I used a download site. please visit the download link:

Unofficial Walkthrough

Journeyman Trials Walkthrough

*The journeyman trials walkthrough is in PDF format, you will need adobe reader 7.0 or higher to view it. If you don't have it, you can get it for free at


Can be seen in the game opening and ending credits


Please visit the official forums for additional info and other game related materials!


Allow myself to introduce...myself!

Hello forums!

While I'm a total newbie to this forum and the majority of the RPGMaker Community, I've been actively developing with RPGMaker since about 2001.

A little bit about myself: I am 32 years old, married, living in Texas, am a Media Services Director, and a recent graduate of Game Design School. Prior to my life in Game Design, I worked in both Independent Film and Information Technology. I've already created two RPGMaker games using RM2K3, and will be releasing them over here over the next few weeks.

I've decided to become actively involved in the online community instead of being a hermit because, as I have learned through the past five years, lone development is not the way to go. Yes, it was extremely educational, but the final fact remains that I am very serious about Game Development and figure that if I don't start to make contacts and make myself known, I'll regret it later on.

I am not here to make money or to try and con people into working for me, I just want to get myself and my stories known. There are some incredible designers out there already, and it's my hope to have my name known as well as theirs. That way, when I sit down to my next project, people will look forward to what I create.

So, here I am, posting here in the hopes of coming out into Game Development society and contributing to the community as a whole. I hope to assist others, I hope to gain support, but most importantly, I hope to be a contributing part of this community.

Peace Out!
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