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Stray box appears when applying buffs (VXAce)

While using Yanfly's Battle Engine Ace, I noticed a weird box that appears in the popup's text when an actor or enemy gets buffed. For example:

How do I get rid of it? My popup setting for :add_buff is "%s+", and I was already using the font fix scripts.
(VL Gothic doesn't show the box, but I really don't want to use it)

Checking for save files in events? (VX)

Using the "Script" condition in a conditional branch, can you make the game check if there's at least one save file in a VX game's Save folder? If so, what is the script call that goes in the box?

It's for my game's title screen, which is evented. Currently, the choice menu always starts at New Game, but I want it to go to Load Game when the condition's script call is true, in which case I'd just need to simply increase a variable. But anyway, hopefully this is possible because starting a new game on accident is annoying as hell, haha

(VX - Melody) Rage-reducing skill not working?

So I'm trying to make a skill that's supposed to reduce an enemy's rage by using the "target rage" notetag. The notetag's supposed to do this:

<target rage: +x> or <target rage: -x>
This will raise/lower the amount of accumulated rage for the target by x value. Targeting a unit's rage will be affected by any potential states that will affect the target's rage gain.

But for some reason, the skill does nothing in battle except raise the enemy's rage as if I attacked it normally. Am I using the wrong notetag or something?

Here's a database screenshot of the skill in question:

A question about gamepages

If you change the status of a gamepage (say, from "Production" to "Hiatus") does it update the "Last Updated" field and/or bump it up to the first page?

Just wondering, really. I don't want to bump things with no new content and possibly piss people off...
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