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The Return

I mean, names, ideas, and edits of public RTP resources are not proprietary. Anyone can use those if they want, you don't have a right to stop them. That's not how copyright works. Those aren't yours. The RTP belongs to Degica regardless of anyone's minor edits, and ideas can never belong to anyone.

Plus, this is a community and we are all working our hardest at making each other's games better. That's why we're all here. If someone wants to use your stuff, you should absolutely let them, and be proud that what you made was good enough for someone else to think it would be useful to them.

This person had never even spoken to me before, much less asked permission, or even bothered to alter the series of copypasted things a bit to make it less obvious. If there were edits or something I had wanted to share with everyone, I would've done so on the resources page with credit to the creator.

No one should be "proud" to be stolen from. Then again, I'm not surprised at this coming from someone who entitled himself to rip the CSS I worked on for this gamepage over to his own a few years ago, nearly verbatim to the point where my commented out notes were still in there, and then trying to justify it afterward.

The Return

Why didn't anyone ask for the tea! Who was ripping you off & what happened haha.

During the period where I stopped posting for a while, someone put up a gamepage that (last I checked) ripped off the location names of mine, part of the tagline, a character, and even tile & sprite edits that could only have been obtained by cracking the existing demo. And they did a pretty bad job of making it not too obvious also.
They probably thought I'd never come back to notice, but I reported the page as well as sent them a pm along the lines of "I know what you did" but they never replied, haha


Agreed. Tile issues aside, good work making a map both appealing and with clearly defined space. (The weird rubble patches kiiinda get in the way of that, but that's my only complaint)

The blocks of stones in the sand? I wasn't sure what to put there to fill the space (haven't mapped anything in ages), so it's kind of filler for now. I think I could lighten them a bit so the contrast between them and the sand isn't too sharp or something.

Post some old shit

These were a couple of character sketches around...'05 or '06-ish? I scanned them recently while decluttering and destroying the old originals. For some reason I had all these emotion portraits and bios planned out for something, but had never heard of RPG Maker or software like it at the time, haha

Some redraws and random doodles around 2009

My oldest locker file (2011) is a logo for a project whose gamepage had been hidden for years now because there were very few futuristic assets for regular VX back then.

Probably the oldest internet thing I have period is a neopets account from 2002 which somehow still existed, and I was able to get back in! The place is pretty sad nowadays, though. :/ It's like the dead mall of browser games.

man, fuck pdfs

As a medical biller, pdfs are a fucking godsend compared to the stacks of paper claims and EOBs that mgmt conveniently loses all the time

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I've been working on an enemy after not doing any pixel art for a while. Haven't decided on a color scheme to go with the gold bits yet, though.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of gam mak?

- Making the UI less obviously stock RPG Maker as possible, like rearranging the entire layout, custom pause & battle menus, and changing fonts
- Breaking down big tasks into smaller to-dos, then knocking them out in rapid succession to feel productive

least favorite:
- Replacing or renaming an asset (like a BGM), and having to manually find and change every occurrence of the old filename so that the game doesn't return an error message or straight up crash
- Tileset mapping; the idea of setting all those passabilities for every entry makes me freeze up, and parallaxes seemed easier for me to make

Post your desktop!

rolling with Rainmeter, Fences, and StartIsBack

What CPU and RAM capacity do you have?

Prebuilt HP Envy 700-210 with 8GB RAM and an AMD A10-6700 (3.7-4.3 Ghz) CPU. I added a R7 360 graphics card a couple of years ago to catch up on so many old games for cheap, but I don't know if RM games use the gpu at all. I can get close to the full 60FPS while playtesting, though!

Map Your Life!

A quick parallax of the home office area of my house. Somehow the futuristic and steampunk tilesets had the best matches for my furniture in real life, haha