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Having issues with GUI

Hey RMN, its been a while. I haven't worked for a long time, and I'm afraid I've forgot quite a bit about moving around the program (plus, I upgraded to VXA so its like witchcraft to me) - and anyway, I've had issues with making my HUD work.

Just for the sake of testing if it all fits, I used the Health/Magic bars to represent Hunger and Thirst in its stead (also because I found a tutorial on the net for that)

For a change, I've evented my way around using the HUD, but I tend to make awful clipping errors. I made this in Photoshop...

However, when I use the old Move Picture action, it just moves the bars to the left, like this:

(which it is supposed to do, right?)

Now, my question is if there is a way to do this, perhaps by forcing the picture to disappear after a given coordinate (the left corner).

Also, just for the sake of it, I'll also upload what I did while eventing, perhaps I made a mistake there.

Screen #1:

Screen #2:

Thanks for reading this, and I hope someone will know how to deal with this dilemma. Still, you're the best guys! (and gals!)
Thanks in advance!

PS. Plus, I wanted to say "HUD" in the title, but I'm just too tired today...

Watcher Studios are hiring!

The Studio
The Watcher Studios are a burgeoning team, trying to make it out there in the RPG scene. Our major task is to make games with enormous worlds, numerous quests, and an excellent storyline, next to the innovative combat and crafting systems.

The Team
The team currently consists of five members :
-Two artists (One modeler, one concept artist)
-One sound technician
-One advisor (My dear friend Avee, here from RMN)
-Lead, me (The creator of the game world, the general brainstormer, and also a hobbyist artist and music maker)

The Wanted List
Currently, the people we most need are programmers. Potential members (Programmers) should have at least some knowledge and experience with C#, which for now will be the game language.

Other people are also welcome with any of the before mentioned skills (Artists and Music makers), and also people with skill in Unity 3D.


The team formed somewhere around the end of September, 2012. Our original plan was to release one more game in RPG Maker VX, however, we scratched that idea, and moved to Unity 3D shortly after.

Our team is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia (With three members being here), however, our sound tech is from the Netherlands, and Avee is from Canada.

We are deeply inspired by works of high fantasy : The TES series, The Lord of The Rings, The Fable series, as well as some works of Serbian high fantasy. We are also inspired by the various mythologies spread throughout the world.

The Story

The game tells the story of Wair Crowcaller, a adventurer, and his band who suddenly betray him. The game's main quest unveils the reason of the band's betrayal, and those who poised them against Wair. The game will also have numerous side-quest, related or un-related to the main story.

(Those who are interested will be thoroughly informed of the complete story)

The Game
The current game we are making is dubbed (for now):
Twisting Sands : A Tale of Betrayal

The game was intended to follow up to the Torin' Chronicles saga (My past two games), but this is still disputed. The game may draw some historical facts from the past games.

It is a bit hard to estimate all the features that will be taken out or added in now, but the current plan is the following :

-A wide and beautiful world, numerous feats of architecture in the cities, as well as a beautiful landscape, ranging from the green forests of the south, the bone-dry desert of Aslan-run, the jungles of the Geldar delta, and the chilling peaks of the White Peaks in the north.

-8 original classes, all with special skills depending on which alignment the player chooses.

-Original combat skills, ranging from athletic dodges and slashes of the Assassin, brutal pummeling strength of the Barbarian, or the mind-crushing wisdom of the Wizard.

-A great crafting system, with innovative mini-games, which will determine the strength and potency of your finished products.

-Travel around the Eastern Lands may vary on your class. Horses are readily available to all, but is your character a agile type? Climb around various environments! Or is he a Warrior? Push around some rocks! Wizard? Move them with your mind!

As I have mentioned before, the greatest impact on your game experience will be your class.

-Realistic behavior. Your character will have to eat, drink and sleep, just like you. Take care of yourself, or suffer the consequences.

(more will be added as the game progresses)

The game will be released commercially somewhere around the Q4 2013, as it is planned now.

All of the teams' members will get their own cut if the game sells. That is the only form of payment I can offer.

So, if anyone is interested, post here or contact me privately via message.

[Music] Some feedback on first song :)

Hi ya'll, I recently started practicing out and making my own songs. Today, I made my first song!

I'm posting this for the purpose of feedback and general opinion. If someone wishes to use this song in his/her games, please notify me and credit me in the game.
Otherwise, all rights reserved except when used for the before mentioned reasons.

Call of the Forest

Enjoy! I hope you like it!

Discussion about a philosophical idea...

WARNING : The following story may or not upset people with weaker stomachs.

I just had a idea today while listening Meshuggah's New Milenium Cyanide Christ (yes, I'm a metalhead, and no, I'm not a member of a sect).

The song may look like a typical trash metal song, but it actually has a deeper subject (better look up the lyrics on the net if you wish to understand anything)

The point of the song is that a man tries to became savior of Man, the equivalent of Jesus Christ, and to do so, he undergoes various changes (for example changing his bones with bars), but in his quest all he manages to do is to hurt himself, proving the ideology of the song that if the world was to be perfect, Man would have to give up on all of his senses (which the man does - replacing his eyes with fuses - to not see ungodly sights and removing his ears to disable ungodly sounds and fear. He even shuts his mouth with hexagonal bolts - to stop the creator of all violence(i.e speech) - "without words there will be no deceit".

This got me thinking. Can man truly be perfect? If we could somehow control our senses, could we become superior?

This actually has a deeper subject I had a lengthy thought, but I'm so tired, I'm gonna go to sleep, and maybe it'll come back tomorrow.

[Art] Concept Artist Required

Concept artist required for work in RMVX, needed to draw or PhotoShop 2 pictures :
the title screen and the game over screen (or the continue screen, my game has a continue system).

If someone is interested, contact me on RMN.
Further details will be exchanged upon agreement.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Anyone out there practicing martial arts?

I was wondering today if someone is a martial artist on RMN. I practice Krav Maga (and while I'm not yet a graduate) and I tend to surpass some of the moves into my games - at least hinting at them. Does anyone do the same around here?

Anyone willing to do me a review?

Hi RMN. I have come back for a long period of absence i.e not visiting forums or writing to anyone - but like anyone cares, right? I'm not going to bore you with the reason of my leave, or why it went on for such a long time. I'm here to request that someone do me a review for my game ( ) as my pal who did it last time has mysteriously disappeared - and I don't have anyone else I could ask.

I believe my recent game crisis (someone kept saying that I have a virus, while it's clean - see for yourself, the detailed info is on the game profile) has did my game some reputation damage (as for myself as well) as I see only 27 people downloaded it - in a long time compared to the almost 4k views. I'm not begging for attention - I'm just asking for some feedback.

So, if anyone out there with five or so hours of boredom, please try out my game.
That's all. Thanks.

In need of a composer, who is willing to work for free.

Hello everybody,
I am in need of a composer, but who would agree to work for free. Just so there is no misunderstanding later.
But please, I need someone who is willing to work. I had 2 composers drag me around, only to do nothing at the end.

If someone is willing to help, post here or PM me.

Thanks in advance!

A few questions about programming.

Hello all, I would like to ask a few questions for those who are a bit gifted in the areas of programming.

Well first, I would like (and have tried several times, but failed)to learn how to program. I kinda lose the motivation to learn when it all becomes entangled and I just lose my will.

So, my first question would be :

What is the best programming language to start learning with?
I would like some that is preferably easy for me to learn, something that you started with...

Also, how actually hard it is to learn to program? I know it is not easy, but does it really need lots of dedication? Is math needed for programming?

I would also like to know, is there some language that has lots of tutorials for it?

Sorry if the post is a bit messy, but I'm very sleepy xD
Thanks in advance!

I need the help of a spriter.

Hello everybody, I need a spriter to help me modify some characters from VX.
Pm me here, or on my profile.

Hope that there are spriters here :P
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