It's been a while!

Hi, I didn't know you but...hi, and congrats man!

Tales from Zilmurik IV

The mapping of the game looks good.

Hey look it's RMN3!

I could hug you right abot now WIP, all the zip downloads are working for me!

Hey look it's RMN3!

What ever happened to the avatars on the forums?

Insperation: How do you get your ideas?

Recently I've been finding it extremely difficult to get inspired to make games. It used to be different, I lived in a different house, I got inspired every day!

Just curious, how do you get insperation for making games?

for craze.png

Craze looks fabulous.

Banning Threads

Just a random thought....

Do you find it good to have a thread you made banned to not look like a goody-goody, or are you a totally NO SPAM person?

I don't really like spam, I think it just takes up space, and is stupid.

This topic probobly isn't gonna last...oh well...

RMN3 Approaches June 6th! Command?

I have already killed 4 people in internal agony for RMN3.WHEN IS IT COMING????

Top 3 things in life

author=Magi link=topic=3920.msg78630#msg78630 date=1244194547
a zettai ryouiki
b ahoge
c meganekko
Heh? ???

Top 3 things in life

I refuse to let this game not come up on the "Latest Reply" Thing