Map Design Fun #9: BQ2 --- gamepage is up! DOWNLOAD NOW!

I just sent mine to you Kentona.


Got any good ones?
Bad ones?

I still bite my nails... 'nuff said


Boy: Richard, Lucius, Brian, Tom, Napolean(My fav)
Girl: Kristen...I suck at thinking up girl names.

Awsome news man,congrats! Make sure not to turn him/her into an RPGmaker nerd. ;)

EDIT: Also in honor of Anderson: Andrew.
And why the keck is this in Moronic?

Map Design Fun #9: BQ2 --- gamepage is up! DOWNLOAD NOW!

Just 'bout done Kentona. I should be finished by tomorrow. ;D

What's a better title then 'Hi'?

I personally prefered A link to the past. It was a lot more challenging then the others. I also tried the the first and second zelda games. I got to the third temple in the first and I beat the first temple in the second. I played minish cap on an emulator, But the game got screwed when I was fighting vaati at the end. I also loved Majora's Mask. (The pirates/gerudos were sexy)

What's a better title then 'Hi'?

VeronicaTRex, that's a bit disturbing. Plus G'day 006! I Can't wait for you to make a game. ;D

And your a zelda fan, eh? So am I. 8)

RM2k3 No-Row-Patch

I would kiss your feet man. Except that it says something about the RTP being messed up or something.

Map Design Fun #9: BQ2 --- gamepage is up! DOWNLOAD NOW!

I'm in as a possibility, I'm working on it as we speak. AS WE SPEAK!!

help me

I just modified my post. Maybe it'll help you now.

help me

Dude, stop using ...s and try to learn proper english. You need to download the RTP for whatever RPGmaker the game you're trying to play is.