Working on bugs for v1.3 (Hero's Realm)

I'm playing it right now and..I'm thinking wow..that's alot of bugs.

Though personally I liked Darmon changing and the horned imps not attacking..;)


i'll enter, not a 4;00 though. I have a birthday party that'll be a couple hours.

Swine Flu

I'm in the Maritimes in Canada. It's probobly just a matter of time before I get it.

But what exactly are the symptoms of swine flu? People are just saying it's bad, but I'm not sure they even know what it is.

Awkward logging in

author=Karsuman link=topic=3547.msg71234#msg71234 date=1240083162
Does Twom also use your computer?

If he has his username to automatic login it'd remember his name before yours.

No, I'm afraid I don't even know him. ???

Map Design Fun #8: Befuddle Quest! (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Sorry I won't be able to sed week was really tied up. :-\

(I got a new car and house out of it)

Awkward logging in

Ok so I just put in my username and password as always on my computer, except when I click to log in, it logged me in as TwomRPG...It was weird. Anyway I'm me now so I guess it's fine...

Night Bugs

When I was 6 years old I went on a visit to my great-aunt's house. When I was walking I tripped....right on to a hornet's nest. My face broke my fall and the nest. I remember I was saying "Morfingba" out of sheer pain.

I....really haven't appreciated bugs since then.

Deny Game?

I saw that too, but when I clicked on it...for an experiment...It just said the "cannot find http 044 whatever" oh well. Admin powers will have to wait. :(

A good amount of INT infuence in rm2k3

That seems kinda harsh...I don't want you to be able to breath on the foes and they die.

A good amount of INT infuence in rm2k3

Ok, so I'm currently making a game (which will soon be on RMN with any luck) and for most spells I've set the INT influence to 5. Then I did a test battle, My guy's INT didn't power up the spell much...I don't want to set it to 10 because everyone'll just blast through monsters. What do you think is a good INT influence for spells?
BTW it's on RM2k3.