Top 3 things in life

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Wow. I saw the title for this from the forum overview and thought it was a thread started by a bot.

K...Kentona... :'(

Edit: Returning with 3 more things!!

1.The Telephone book (Saved my life 4 times....not)
2.Admiral Ackbar ( ;D)
3.Pencils( ???)

Top 3 things in life

Name the top 3 things in life that you just simply can't go without.

3.The Earth (Yet another duh)

Starless Umbra

This game is awesome.

[RM2k3]Modern Resources

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I don't know what to tell you 2k3 is pretty limited.

That's not exactly true, you just need to know what your doing.

Map Design Fun #9: BQ2 --- gamepage is up! DOWNLOAD NOW!

I sent sent ya a PM already but just in case: Plz post a RAR download of this, my computer will not, I repeat NOT accept ZIP downloads on RMN.


I'm gaining weight from that honey. :P Back to the Treadmill! :'(

If you had to make the next Sonic game...

Behold, the nezt generation of sonic games!


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Don't kill me for that. The only thing worse than having a mod mad at you is having a mod who made Hero's Realm mad at you.


I'm now doomed to eat 2 pieces of toast with honey for breakfast every day. I will soon be fatter than Kentona Fat Albert.

Map Design Fun #9: BQ2 --- gamepage is up! DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Did you now... (I gots no PMs)

Crud...Ah, well. I'll put the link on the thread in the moring.

Edit: NVM here: