Militibus Elementis Arc 1

this definitely looks like something I will be playing while im supposed to be studying- i mean being bored out of my mind during the day. It looks fun and i look forward to playing it~

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Right now On my PS Vita I'm having fun with Senran Kagura Estival Versus. I'm most likely having more fun on it than I should.

Anticipated (or not) movies of 2016

I am extremely hyped for Suicide Squad coming out in August. From the looks of it, it seems like it'll be pretty dang good.. hopefully.

New to the forums~

Since I've used this site for a few years, I decided I'll start to become more involved in the community. I have a love for Horror and Puzzle RPG maker games and have played quite a few (both good and bad)!
Hopefully I'll have a fun time with everyone here!


I love how rose looks in the game, even in such creepy room. Makes me more excited to play the finished product when it's out!

Official Demo coming soon!

Sounds like lots of fun, Can't wait!


just finished the demo and i surely say im hungry for some more! I'm hyped for when the full game comes out!~

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

Right now I'm stuck on where the queen tells you to go look west of town for the key, any advice/help?

Edit: never mind, i figured it out ^^;

Seeking Beta-Testers for Mica: Apoptosis Chapter 3!

I'd gladly be a beta tester for you, so count me in! :3


I love the way the characters are designed <3
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