I'm not worth the effort.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

I think the grass looks a I can't really see it growing in like that, and it is too haphazard to be paths made by traveling animals.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Might be a good idea to add beams to the door for aesthetic purposes, but when you see the whole map it is pretty obvious that its a door.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Concrit welcome, how else do we improve ^u^

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Sooo over the course of a couple of hours yersterday I dove headfirst into parallax for the first time and it was awesome...until I tried mucking with a large map. So. Much. Work. First thing I did was the interior of a house. Basic.


Working with parallax mapping for the first time and it has been...interesting. If interesting meant a pain in my ass. First effort:


Wow, I have to say I'm in love with the old style. Are those all custom assets (and are they available for use ;D)?

[Resource Request] Looking for primitive/ice age resources

...No one? Ok, well how about 2k/2k3?

[Resource Request] Looking for primitive/ice age resources

Woah, its been a while since I was on here! My new roommate and I are beginning work on a new project (details coming soon!) and I can't seem to find any ice age/primitive human character sets/sprite/tilesets/anything at all for VX ACE. Anything anyone has relating to that theme would be greatly appreciated

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Hmm, I thought I had fixed that issue with my newest release! Will go back and work on it some more... -__-

Random Art Topic

Made this using Bogleech's random mutant generation rules which can be found HERE.