Adventure Academy

This is something I that I thought would be cool to implement, but, as I'm new to this engine, Idk how difficult it would be to. If it's even possible? Anywhere, here's my idea: Making a 'sequel' to this game where you're out on your own as a freelance adventurer, where your major decisions and classes and such directly effect the sequel. Maybe the story would revolve around creating your own guild, or something (like maybe you can choose a guild to join, and slowly take it over or just create it from scratch).

Like I said, Idk the possibility of this is, but it would be pretty cool to see your decisions effecting the second game.

Anyway, great job on the game. It's a great concept that I would love to see expanded upon further. :)

Love and War: Act I

Hey, just a random question... And I apologize if it's been answered/asked in previous posts. But is there going to be an act 2..3..etc?
Because I thoroughly enjoyed this game and would love to see a sequel.

Final Fantasy VIII: Sleeping Lion Heart

"The team of SLH promises to deliver the highest of quality in sprite ass detail."
Lol @ the fine print in the description

Hey... New here :) Well, kinda

Well have a great time here, see you (on and off...), and welcome!

Thanks :)

Well, less internet less distractions to work on your projects, so good luck and welcome to the RMN Comminuty ;).

Ha ha very true, not having internet at my house helps me to stay focused on my project(s) (currently have to drive out to the library for internet). Although, I also have ADD, so... 'Ya know how that goes. Lol

Welcome NicholasC4!
I'm glad you think this place seems inviting, that's the feeling I'm sure the owner as well as the majority of the community want!

Can't wait to see your projects, cheers!

I'm just hoping they're still as warm when I get around to releasing something. I've heard, from several different sites, people complaining about some RM games having more scenes than actual gameplay, and I'm afraid that's how mine are. Lol. I've contemplated releasing a serious of projects (of the same "Game") in "episodes" around half an hour each. With breaks every so often so you can save the game and not have to restart the whole scene. It would be similar to the visual novels I imagine (never actually DL'd one). How do you think that would go over here?

Hey... New here :) Well, kinda

Hey, I'm Nick. Apparently I've had an account registered here for some time now, and I never took the time to introduce myself. From what I've seen of the community here, it's a very welcoming place (as opposed to a place like "YouTube", where everyone's favorite pass-time is apparently flaming people non-stop). So, trying to become more active around here :) I'm currently working on two projects right now. The first is... Actually probably not much of a game. About one third of it are "cutscenes" and the rest is gameplay. I've always been a fan of games with a heavy storyline (Metal Gear Series is a good example, with their hour long cutscenes, lol), so that's ultimately what I want to release. The second game is just a short project to release and get feedback on; mainly to see if it would be worth my time to release something to an audience as broad as the internet, or stick to a select group of personal friends.

Also, sorry if anyone comments or posts on my account and I don't respond for a while; In a week I'm leaving and won't have any contact with... Well anything for around two months, roughly. And I'm not on the internet that much as it is. But rest assured, I will not ignore you. Just might take some time before you get a response :/
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