nothing much, just like playing games, though my current laptop is crap, planning to buy a new one eventually to play games with playable fps



Recruiting Staff Members

already going at recruiting, nice! sorry i can't help you out though, don't know how to do any of these, oh and just wondering, anyone message you yet? it'd be awesome if you got like 5 people on board with you to finish this game

Perhaps looking for teammates?

definitely open it up to a team, you could really use the help with this game to make this the badass game it is, just pay attention to what people say about it and adjust the game to make it glitch free with awesome story and gameplay, personally think this gameplay is awesome, never seen it before so not sure whether it was inspired by another game you played or made it up, but yeah, take this game, get some help, turn it into a masterpiece, profit, watch as you now live in a mansion with your fans begging you to make a sequel or something........... ok maybe not something of that magnitude but i'm sure things will turn out awesome
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