Hey there! I'm Pikasprey.

I'm an indie developer and Let's Player that loves horror.

Link to my Let's Play channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJVzJk_24aefzpKAbqiP9Q



The Divination Coven

Looks cool, hope to try it once it's out.

One Of You

Thanks. I'm also probably gonna record a let's play of this when it's out btw.

I probably won't get a chance to play it until a few days after the release date though. December is a pretty busy month.

One Of You

I'd like to try this. Look forward to the release date.

Ghost School

Thanks for translating. Fan translations are very often underappreciated, and I know a lot of work goes into it.

I'll be sure to give this a try tonight!

Pikasprey plays: Usagito Watashi DEMO

Thanks, I'm glad someone does^

Usagito Watashi

I really enjoyed this so far. It has some really cool ideas with an interesting setting. I've always been a huge fan of the surreal visuals and music you use in your games, it always make for an incredibly memorable atmosphere and experience. Really looking forward to playing the whole thing!

As for my criticisms, my only real complaint would be how the camera moves with every single step. Although I did get a little used to it as I played more, it's kinda disorienting when I first started.

...And maybe I'm just unlucky, but my attacks seemed to miss a LOT.

I'm currently submitting a recording of my experience to the media section. Although in the video, I did get a little confused, I think it's overall pretty well designed. (Mostly my own dang fault.)

Also, I managed to trigger a bug where the big Naiad girl's image gets stuck on screen. All I did was walk back into her room after getting the power core. (I believe this occurred during the last 10 minutes of the video, and she remained there until I finished the demo.)

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.1

Excellent. The mirror maze chase was beyond frustrating in it's previous form.

Grandma's Special Pie

Nice art, I'd like to try it when it comes out.

The Red Curse

Cool. Don't get discouraged, I'm sure that if you work hard at it the game will turn out great^

The Red Curse

I tried the demo. I'm not sure where you intend to take this idea. It seems like you didn't have any direction in mind when making it, and were just messing around with the engine.

Biggest issue is the forced interaction with almost everything in the game. Instead of being able to push a button to examine things, why on earth would you make it happen by just stepping on an adjacent tile? It gets really annoying fast.

The grammar is also a mess, with the dialogue being like you just rushed and made it up on the spot. As well, all of the music was incredibly unfitting.

By the way, if you select "No" when asked if you want to save, the game attempts to save anyway.

If you really want this to go anywhere, you're really gonna have to take a step back and really consider a few things about what you want to do with the game. I'd also suggest taking a look at some MV tutorial videos.