Make it easier to add statuses on a phone pls

Can there just be an add status button or field in the status history profile page or something? Seriously, trying to add a status on an iPhone makes me want to end my life with a car bomb

Pizza's Dump Art

Everyone gets their own art thread, right? I actually draw a little more regularly now, so I may be able to keep this afloat. Probably not!

I've been practicing faces more than anything else, honestly. This is all I've worked up over the last little while, most of it from NL.

Also, I am disappoint at art.

Share your PSN IDs?

Hey guys. I've been meaning to ask about this for a while now, but only just decided to get around to it. I already collected a bunch of 3DS Friend Codes from the people around here, and I was going to ask about PSN IDs, since I recently bought one after not having it for a few years.

Mine is PizzaTheFace, surprising nobody.

Safe to use high volumes of money through Paypal?

Hey guys. I'm about to buy a custom built computer online, and I was wondering if it's entirely safe and reliable to pay for something so expensive through Paypal. I can imagine that the answer is "yes, you idiot" but I want to be as sure as possible, since I'm admittedly nervous about buying something over 3 grand online.

Good Video Game Art

If there's anything that I can say about my experiences in the gaming world, whether through creating a game, criticizing a game, or simply enjoying a game, it's this: I love me some good art.

I want to see the artwork that you guys think is great, whether it be posters, cover art, concept art, soundtrack covers, or even just screenshots of a particular area. I know that I find this kind of stuff extremely inspirational, and I want to be able to see more than what I've currently collected. I only have a small folder myself, most of which comes from Derek Yu's fantastic Tumblr (

So yeah, let's see some of your favourite video game art. Note: I'm interested in official artwork. This thread isn't concerned with fanart of any kind.

Here's some to get things started:

Trans-Pacific Partnership (A.K.A. It's back again)

There hasn't been a topic here about this here yet, so I figured I'd post it. This isn't like the last censorship thing that went up here, as it affects both the US and Canada, so everybody's signatures actually matter this time.

I don't really have much to say about it, just seems like another bullshit censorship bill being passed at the last second. Discuss.

RM2k3 RTP Faceset Replacement?

Hey everyone, just a quick question. I was wondering if anybody had the matching set of faces for this group:

Any help finding them would be appreciated. Thanks.

Looking for CSS and Logo design help.

Just a quick question here. I know that there are people in this community who can rig up really nice CSS pages, and also people that can rig up high quality game logos. I was looking either for the people themselves or someone who can point me towards a designer.

What I'm looking for in specific is some basic CSS work, nothing too fancy, just general recolouring and graphic work. (Like a special background for dev posts and such) Me and my partner are awful at CSS, which is why we can barely get this done ourselves.

For the Logo, I was looking for someone who could design a higher-end cartoonish logo like found on games like Paper Mario, Super Mario World, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie or Donkey Kong 64. I'm willing to pay a moderate amount for the logo design if need be, but obviously I'd rather talk about free/trade offers first.

Ace Items Category Problem

Alright, so I'm trying to set up the Ace Item script to work in MFD. Problem is, I only want certain types of Armour to show up in the selectable categories. I'm a noob at scripting, so this is what I have done:

The problem I'm having is that "ARMTYPES" shows all of the Armour Types listed in the terms, and the categories show up separately below those, effectively doubling up every type. I only wanted the categories to show up once, but if I remove the line with "ARMTYPES" then the categories don't work. (I have the items categorized using the notes feature like I should)). Putting ARMTYPES there gives me working categories and leaves the broken ones.

This normally wouldn't be an issue, but one of the Armour types is "Important" meaning that each character gets one un-equippable item that ties in with their story. I don't want that category to show up, since nothing will ever be in it.

EDIT: It's probably important to note that I'm using the Ace Equip system like so:

So "Important" is a custom type not used in the standard database terms.

Feel free to call me an idiot because I have the distinct feeling that I'm doing something incredibly stupid and easy to fix.

Custom Graphics Giveaway

Hey all, just thought that I'd contribute some original resources to the community. These graphics are somewhat incomplete, and basically all from projects that I've abandoned. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my work over the years, so this isn't a complete collection of all that I've done.

There are some rules that I'd like to set out though:

-I don't want people to use the game titles appended to the folders within the archive, at least not without my permission. I know that I don't have a trademark or a copyright on them, but it would be nice to not see it happen. Some of the titles have been hidden for that reason.

-I'd like to be credited for my work if you decide to use it. Again, I don't have TM/C on it, but it's polite to do so.

-As I said, I lost a LOT of my previous work, so this archive is really incomplete, basically scraps. If you really want to make a game with graphics in these styles, and can't do it yourself/get someone else to mimic it, you can ask me to do more for you. I probably won't be able to, but you can try.

Keep in mind that this archive doesn't include any past resources from games that me and matrixmancs are still planning to develop, or anything that I consider useful/too reminiscent of something we're going to put work into. Everything in here is pretty much a year/two years old, so besides the things that were lost plenty is missing.

Anyways, here's what little I can give out, hope you find it useful:

EDIT: It appears that I posted this in the wrong board. If a mod/admin could move it to the resources board it would be much appreciated.
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