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Commission Info:


❤️---Pixel Art---❤️

WARNING: Images contain no nudity, but may be considered NSFW/18+ due to erotic themes.

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[RMVX ACE] Non-Interrupting Message Display

Hey everyone.

I have a quick question regarding parallel process events/picture display and message boxes in RMVXA. Basically, the problem is that I need to use parallel processes to animate pictures on the map for lighting and eventually weather, but displaying a message freezes parallel processes and stops the animation:

So that lighthouse beam should rotate between four pictures to simulate movement, but every time a message pops up the beam freezes in place, ruining the scene. I need a fix for this, since there will also be weather effects created by picture animation later on.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

[Paid][CSS] Looking to hire for CSS on a Gamepage

Hey everyone.

I'm looking to hire someone to do the CSS on a gamepage of mine that I'm prepping for use. I'm willing to pay for the work, which is as follows:

The request has already been taken care of.

[RMVX ACE] [RGSS] Replacing Evasion with a Stat?

Hey everyone- I recently made another thread in the Help Me section about reorganizing/retooling the basic stats of VX Ace to fit what I wanted for my project. I've since completed all but one of these retools with the help of the people in that thread. Evasion is what's eluding me right now.

The basic problem is: I want to use Magic Defense as my Evasion stat, for every Actor and Enemy in the game. I want it to be automatically converted from a 1-100 Stat value to the normal 1-100% value for the xparameter.

I'm not skilled at all with scripting, so my only attempts thus far have been to just plug in param(5) instead of xparam(1) in the BattlerBase class, which... Obviously doesn't work. All I've been able to do so far is to completely break Evasion so that either every attack hits or every attack misses, which is definitely not what I want.

Like so:

I'm figuring the solution will lie in editing the BattlerBase script (based on advice I got in the last thread), but since I clearly have no idea what I'm doing here and don't know a thing about RGSS or coding in general, any help or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

To reiterate: I want each actor's/enemy's Magic Defense to equal their Evasion and be used as it. If this can't be done within the confines of VXA or requires significant reworking, then I'll figure out another way to organize the stats and replace the ones that I wasn't going to use.


[RMVX ACE] A Question About Stats

Alright, so, I've been working on my next game, and embarrassingly enough this is the first time I've ever tried making battles and actual mechanics and such in RPG Maker VX Ace. I know that you can use your own skill/damage/etc formulas in RMVXA, so I was planning to change the stats around like so:

Attack > Remains the Same

Defense > Recovery
The idea was to make this into a stat which, when you activated the guard command would be recovered to your Mana/Energy. I figure this should be a no-brainer, so I'm not really worried about it.

Magic Attack > Defense
Again, I'm thinking this should just be a case of replacing the targeted stat in formulas.

Magic Defense > Evasion
I was planning for this to be a percentage chance to avoid incoming attacks.

Speed > Remains the Same

Luck > Crit Chance
I wanted this to basically be a direct correlation to the percentage chance that you'll make a critical attack. So 1 point = 1%, basically.

My question is basically this: Does RM VX Ace automatically use any of these stats (specifically the Luck stat) in a certain way that would mess with my plans? Would I need to to change anything in the actual code to do this, or am I right in thinking that it's all a matter of simply using the formulas to do it?

So, just to reiterate, I'm not asking "what formulas should I use?", I just want to know if I can do this using only the default formula options.

I have no idea how this part of VX Ace works, so I figured I'd ask about it here. Any help would be appreciated

Pizza's Art Thread 2016

Art thread for 2016. Hoo-boy.

Other art places:

Commission Thread

Anyways, to start it off here's some recent work:

Also, a little sketch from earlier today. I'll probably render it soon:

[Artist for Hire] Pizza's 2016 Commission Thread

The sequel to last year's commission thread. I'll keep this OP posted with the relevant info for my 2016 commissions and availability.

Who I Am:

I'm a Canadian game designer and artist, originally from Newfoundland but now living in Toronto and attending Game Design College while co-managing a startup indie studio. I'm down to work on just about anything.

What I Do:

I focus mainly on digital art, which includes:

Pixel Art & Animation
Digital Paintings
Character Portraits
Concept Art
Fantasy Maps


My prices range from 15$ - 70$ CDN depending on the size and complexity of the commissioned work. For example, a simple piece of pixel art or a piece of lineart would be at the lower end of the scale, while a full tileset with animations or a complex digital painting would be at the higher end of the scale. All pricing will be negotiated in private on a piece-by-piece basis, and discounts are on the table for long term or frequent commissions.


I'd like to chime in here and give my recommendations. I commissioned Pizza and was 100% satisfied with his work! He's super creative and has an amazing eye for pixel graphics, and the work was done quickly and just how I wanted it! :D

Pizza has been doing those portraits for my Trash Game, and he's being doing a tremendous job. Highly recommend.

Examples of Previous Work:

You can find many other examples of my work on my Twitter, in the screenshots of my Games, or in some of the projects I've already been a part of.

If you'd like to commission something, please, drop me a line via PM!

Taking a Break from RMN

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to give anyone who cares some notice that I'm taking a break from RMN, most likely for a month or so, until I start college again.

I have found that recently I've been too preoccupied and distracted with the site, and that I've been enjoying my time here less and less over the last few weeks. It's only healthy that I take some time off to work on my own stuff.

See you guys in a month or so.

Help Me Find an Old Game!

Alright, so I've gotta ask this question again. There's this game I remember from my distant childhood, and it looks sort of like the image above.

I don't remember the name of it, obviously, or really much about it. What I do remember is:

-It featured a level creator.
-The main gameplay involved coloured locks that were red, yellow and blue, and keys or something.
-There were animated escalators in the levels that took you between floors. Some were only down, some were only up.
-There were hazards like spikes and lava.
-The game was old. I played it either during or before 2001, but it had very primitive graphics.
-That being said, it ran on Windows 98, so it wasn't some other brand of PC like a Commodore or Amiga.

This is all I've got. This game is last piece of my gaming history I've yet to re-discover, so any help would be appreciated!

[Closed] Pizza's Commission Thread

After doing a few successful, albeit "private" commissions, I thought it was high time to make a legit thread and see if I could get anything out of it. I have a lot of free time at the moment, so it felt like a good time to see if anybody wants to hire me.

Who I Am:

I'm a Canadian game designer and artist, originally from Newfoundland but now living in Toronto and attending Game Design College. I'm trying to support myself purely through indie means while living off of the money I saved working for Oil Giants in Alberta. I'm down to work on just about anything.

What I Do:

I do mainly digital art, most of my focus being on pixel art in general and digital character portraits- however, I can also do full digital paintings with painted backdrops. I can also make fantasy style map graphics (shown below). Just about the only thing I'm not really competent with is animation, but I can do it and would welcome the chance to get practice in (because I suck at forcing myself to practise animating).


As I've only recently started doing commission work, but in general I would charge anywhere from 15$ - 70$ CDN depending on the size and complexity of the piece involved. If you're commissioning more than one thing there would obviously be a group pricing/discount thing applied as well- I wouldn't just stack the fees up for longer term work like that.

Basically, a completely filled up tileset, a digital painting with a character and a background, a set of character portraits with emotions, or anything of that time/complexity would be in the upper levels of price, while something like a bare bones tileset or just lineart would be in the lower levels of pricing.

Example Work:

You can find plenty of examples of my work on my Twitter, in my Art Thread, or in the screenshots of my Games. I'll still post some here though:

Map example:

If you'd like to commission something, please, drop me a line via PM!
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