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I was never a fan of Undertale. I just didn't understand the appeal.

But when Deltarune was released and it was free on the Switch, I downloaded and played it...

Now I'm downloading Undertale...

It's a good game. The characters and dialogue are really good and keep you wanting more. The battle system is unique, too, which is a plus.

Most Violent RPG Maker Game?

I haven't played Corpse Party. It's been on my to-do list for years. But I always thought Dhrux's Scar was pretty violent.

[RMMV] [PAID] Character Spriter for RPG Maker MV game

Thanks everyone who applied. This offer has now been fulfilled.

[RMMV] [PAID] Character Spriter for RPG Maker MV game

Hi all!

I’m looking for an experienced spriter to make character sheets for my RPG Maker MV game. The game is a fantasy/sci-fi game kind've like Xenogears.

This would be a LONG TERM contract. I would need between 40-80 characters (male, female, adult, child, etc.). I'm looking for a style that works with RPG Maker MV. So if you have experience doing sprites for RPG Maker MV, that's a bonus. A good example of the scale and style I'm looking for is below:

Looking to make an arrangement where about 1-3 sprites are delivered a week. Payment will be made weekly for each sprite.

Willing to pay between $10-20. For character poses, happy to pay an additional $5.

Payment will be made through Paypal (or if you have another preferred option).

Please send me a sample of your work through PM or on this thread. If you also have other games you've worked on before, please let me know.

Thanks, all!

Looking Back: Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Thanks guys so much. This is absolutely amazing. I'm honoured, and I hope you're all doing fantastically.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

I'm still here. More a lurker than anything else. Theres no moving away from the rm community, not when you've been a part of it since rm95.

Yeah, I've been working on a novel. I'm going to start agent-hunting soon for it. Scary ass-time. It's not Zephyrus, but I still have aspirations to write that series.

But I'm really not kidding, I would buy this game (screw Enterbrain and their 'no-selling' policy; put it up for purchase!). I loved the first one that you had released years ago, and this one looks a thousand times improved. Amazing artwork and terrific concepts. I like that you're adding all these different elements to it, horror, scifi, fantasy. Keeps it fresh and interesting. The game has attitude.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

This is the only game worth paying attention to for RM.

TFT--cannot wait for this one.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Persona 1 for PSP.

Waiting on Mass Effect 2 :D

Where will you be in 10 years? (Discussion)

I'll be 33. Married with at least a kid or two. Famous writer or city planner for Toronto or both.

Or I'll be a bachelor-for-life living in my brother's Malibu beach house when he becomes a wicked House-like doctor.

I can't decide which future is better.

Would Real Life Music Be Distracting

If the music really does fit the scene, it'll be good no matter what song it is. But it REALLY has to be a damn good fit. And then you also have to consider whether or not people will like the song, too. If it's one of your guilty pleasures.... might not want to.

But yeah, I'd say go for it if you think it'd be a really good idea. Have a backup song just in case though.