Indie game developer of Elohim Eternal series.



Elohim Eternal - Prologue

Nice to see a game inspired by Xenogears.

Thanks! Xenogears has been a huge influence on not just my game, but my life LOL. Psychology, religion, science fiction...giant's all thanks to Fei and the gang.


This game looks really good. Nicely done. I'll give it a shot.

RPG Maker games I must play before dying

I second The Way.

Great set of games! I tend to replay them every once in awhile.

Also, Dhux's Scar is one of my favs.

RPG Maker games I must play before dying

Try a good old classic: Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven.



This looks really cool!

Makes me want to crack open RM2k3 and start mapping.

Nicely done.

The Three Visions

The screenshots show a pretty cool style of game here. Downloading!

Shadow Seeker

This is very clean and professional looking RM2k3 game. Makes me wish I'd just stuck to RM2K3 with my project instead of jumping on the RMMV train. No maker captures the SNES feel like this one and you emulate that feel here.

The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht

The artwork in this is very eye catching!

I love the whole aesthetic. I think you've really pushed the MV engine on this one and it shows. Nicely done!


Gorgeous mapping job. Congrats tackling this big and complex map
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