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New RPG Maker incoming?

RPG Maker is itself mainly an engine for hobbyist. It is great to see what people can do with the engine when thinking creatively and testing it's limits. I'd argue that's the charm of the engine. That's why RM2k3 games always impress me the most!

JosephSeraph you bring up some good points re 3D. I hadn't thought about it in that way. Probably because of my lack of knowledge and experience with working in 3D.

Darken, on the porting, some of the $$$ estimations I've heard--YIKES!

New RPG Maker incoming?

I never tried Smile Maker. I have no interest in 3D. The amount of assets I'd have to create and their cost...I shudder to think about it.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Kaempfer, love the buried chest in the sand! Love the attention to detail.

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

I loved the the start...

And then:
- the battle system seemed slow and boring (not every battle has to be epic!)
- Cloud in battles was the worst (so slow!--tifa and barrett all the way)
- The last two chapters were brutal (soooo many long, drawn-out, daunting boss battles)
- The very last chapter was such a mess I wanted my money back (oh, and I hit a glitch in it that made me have to restart the entire battle)

But the game looks gorgeous and the music, even the new tunes, are great. At first I realized that I didn't really need this remake and was enjoying the game the same way I enjoyed DBZ Kakarot (for nostalgia), but the last chapter...oh, my God, what were they thinking? Fine to go outside of the main story, but it should at least make sense!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm finishing up a pretty big dungeon in the midpoint of my game. It's a snowy, ashy, red and gray mountain. The boss at the peak is going to key in the Epic Boss track for the firs time, so that's exciting!

New RPG Maker incoming?

I'm excited for the next RPG Maker. I'm not liking the way they are announcing it, providing some information every week. Just tell me it all NOWWW!!

I am unlikely to use the next RPG Maker as I'm already heavily invested in RMMV. I keep thinking to myself, what would make me switch to a new RMMV? I haven't really come up with a good enough answer.

But I'm still going to purchase it on opening day. I've been part of this community since Don Miguel and RM95. I support it fully (even if I'm sometimes more of a lurker than a poster).

Screenshot Survival 20XX


Love the screenshot! Can't wait for this game to come out.


I was never a fan of Undertale. I just didn't understand the appeal.

But when Deltarune was released and it was free on the Switch, I downloaded and played it...

Now I'm downloading Undertale...

It's a good game. The characters and dialogue are really good and keep you wanting more. The battle system is unique, too, which is a plus.

Most Violent RPG Maker Game?

I haven't played Corpse Party. It's been on my to-do list for years. But I always thought Dhrux's Scar was pretty violent.

[RMMV] [PAID] Character Spriter for RPG Maker MV game

Thanks everyone who applied. This offer has now been fulfilled.