Indie game developer of Elohim Eternal series.



Shadow Seeker

This is very clean and professional looking RM2k3 game. Makes me wish I'd just stuck to RM2K3 with my project instead of jumping on the RMMV train. No maker captures the SNES feel like this one and you emulate that feel here.

The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht

The artwork in this is very eye catching!

I love the whole aesthetic. I think you've really pushed the MV engine on this one and it shows. Nicely done!


Gorgeous mapping job. Congrats tackling this big and complex map

New RPG Maker incoming?

I think new plugin developers are going to come out.

Or there will be others who, inspired by Yanfly, will take this opportunity to create their own plugin engine.

Yeah, Yanfly isn't there, but there's this pretty great opportunity for other plugin developers to shine.

RPG Maker MZ!

Don't get me wrong.. i'm prolly gonna wait on official stuffs.. but i still found it interesting..

Man, me too! And if it turns out that they are official or some part of them is official, then I'm not too impressed.

But well...I'm still going to get lol. I got VX Ace and never used it.

RPG Maker MZ!

MarkusT, some of those images look very sketchy and could be fakes. We don't know for sure but some of the art in those leaked peaks are not consistent.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Lots of old games that I still remember from back in the day.

New RPG Maker incoming?

In many ways, marketers will tell you to hit those niche markets and find your "true fans".

She Dreams Elsewhere is one game I've been following because developer seems to be doing everything right in terms of advertising the game. It just so happens that the game is very cool too and I'm looking forward to playing it.

RPG Maker MZ!

Having a UI that is customizable would be great! I doubt it'll happen. Even being able to do small changes to the UI could go a long way.

I wonder who may come back because of the new RM or what new artists, designers, and programmers will enter the scene with this new RM. How many new YouTube channels are going to be made for RMMZ? I haven't been part of a new RM remake in a long time, so it's exciting.

RPG Maker MZ!

Couple of things:

@Erilex: Dhux's Scar still remains one of my favorite RM games.

@kory_toombs: The comparison with EA is spot on and concerning. I still have my hopes up, but more for the assets that can be transferred over to MV then anything the actual program can do.