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The story planning process

What I've done in the past is:

Make a list of characters.
Make a list of places.
Draw a sketch of the world.

The top three usually get filled in as you outline the main plot. I usually just go right into it. I think of an amazing starting point and go from their, continuely adding to it. But before I put anything on paper (even a measly outline) I usually think about a very general simple plot in my head for about a week or two. Then once I know where I'm going, I build on it and add layers and layers, twists and twists, characters, villains, magics, etc.

But really.. my main planning is all in the dialogue. Dialogue for a game IS the story. Unlike for a novel where it can be narrative, in a game it's ALL dialogue. So before making scenes I usually write them out like a script in Word. I don't do all the dialogue, though, usually just the dialogue for that particular dungeon I'm working on, or town or special, big events. For my game, Zephyrus, I must have had a 100 pages in dialogue alone. To be honest, it is THE best thing for your story and dialogue. Makes it so polished and you actually think about what you're doing before doing it. It's amazing. I SERIOUSLY recommend doing it for your project(s).

Winging it just leads to cancelled projects. Trust me.

Indie games that have impacted you

Redmoon Saga. That classic game will never die in my heart of hearts.

Unable to Submit a game?

I've been having the same problem, too. I've tried dozens of times this whole week and have only gotten the same error. And on separate computers.

EDIT: I just got it to work. I was copy pasting some info from one site into the Description part of the game submission. So, I tried just typing it in from scratch and it came out fine. Perhaps you're doing the same thing thedjt?
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