I have created RPG games for 5 years. In Finnish but... They are still pretty good... Still I never published anything full-length game, because I compose a lot and I like to create games for fun.



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Sharing my Music

Keep it up, great to see you working hard on your music!

48-owl Gammak thread

Good to see some owl action here :D

[RMVX] Autosave game it is possible?

Marrend, hello. Thanks for you answer.

Save the data from a common event call would be pretty great. In a first instance, my idea was (in case a script exists) to save the first 3 slots of saving menu (or at least the slot 1) to uses it as "autosave slots", and the rest of the slots to make just the manual saving.

At this last point, it is not neccesary that the autosave slots been blocked, if the player would like to manual overwrite, it's ok. I would not need a super estrict level of restrictions.

But no hurries! Thank you again for you attention.


Hmm, I have used VX long time ago, but right now I am using MV. It works similarly, but of course with different language.

With MV you have an event command to open save menu like with VX. However, there is also corresponding javascript command withing the script of the game that actually runs when you use rpg maker interface. I would imagine somewhere within VX RGSS2 there is one there somewhere

[RMVX ACE] Please help me proofread my Tutorial

Great to see people helping eachother with proofreading. Grammatic errors are ought to happen when making these games if not being careful enough

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New Work

Worked for an EP, Shelter - Modern world is a lonely place.

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