I have created RPG games for 5 years. In Finnish but... They are still pretty good... Still I never published anything full-length game, because I compose a lot and I like to create games for fun.



Final Fallacy

Back with work! Procedural creation alongside with handcrafted worlds!

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Digimon World Secret Beach Cave with remastered instruments! Download and listen the full Digimon World OST down below

Final Fallacy

New update, trees can be hacked now!

Final Fallacy

Making Music for Final Fallacy, an update showing orchestra and old computer sounds used.

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Final Fallacy

New Progress Report Posted

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Remastered music for Snufkin from 60s moomins. 1960s moomin tv series had a pretty good moomin music made for Snufkin.

Enjoy Snufkin’s theme for 1960 moomin series. Remastered music with modern instruments to this old classic track. This old moomin song is still remembered and was commissioned by Mynja. A song that reflects Snufkin’s character. It feels more japanese and away from Tove Jansson’s source material, as the series from 1960 was made by Studio Ghibili. Listen harmonica and strings to get you back to moominvalley. Enjoy best moomin music with remastered instruments.

Now this brings up an interesting question to me...

is there a degree to which you can remix, remaster, warp, and/or alter music so that it no longer bears its original copyright?

Copyrights do not disappear. Only after 70 years of author's death the copyright will go away and it can be used freely.

Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

Listen Dark Cave Ambient Music with orchestral quality! Get to hear Quality Royalty Free Music for a cave or a dungeon.

Your RPG adventure takes you into a mysterious cave, with dark cave music playing in the background . A new eluukkanen royalty free music release to create a great cave ambient to your cave dungeon! Unnerving orchestral violin music creates an atmosphere of a damp, flithly cave infested by goblins and other horrid creatures. This dungeon offers a fair challenge for any D&D party going in. Dark cave background music plays as you discover how deep those caverns are. Excellent choise for a game developer or a dungeon master looking for cave music for their journey. Dark caves and deep dungeons with solo harp and strings make the experience true for the fairy tale aestetic! Undeground Network is loopable background music that can be easily used when building caves. Free cave music is hard to find with calm orchestra. Instrumentals for this dnd music will be remembered by the listener for quite some time.

Download Here

Final Fallacy

New Progress Report Posted:

Final Fallacy

Might this have anything to do with the super old RM2k classic by the same name?

People have mentioned that, but these projects are not connected