stretch out your neck
fight for life
Your friend is in trouble! But maybe you'll find time for other things!



Change the system font in RPG Maker 2003

Super helpful, thank you!! :)

Not a problem! Glad this tutorial helped.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

So Soul was my secret santa! I never expected that, thank you so much! I really liked the game, it was very creative!

Thanks! And I hope you liked that extra gift I got you as well.
(Feel free to use the WaKa sprites I made in your own games too, if you wish.)

As for my gift, thank you so much for the review, Milenin. Feedback is extremely important to me, as it helps me decide what to do next. So it means a lot. The extra assets will come in handy too!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

Thank you for the review and assets, secret Santa! I got a review and assets for Fight for Life! I'll use your feedback to improve the Director's Cut. As for who my secret Santa was... I have a feeling I got Ozzy, as he seemed to hint towards it on the Discord.

I'm on the verge of tears but I have to hold it in or it will ruin Christmas for my family. This day certainly didn't help my depression like I thought it would, it just made it worse. And I have to hold it all in or my family will be mad at me for "ruining Christmas" and "being a grinch." Everyone thinks I'm selfish when I'm not. I'm just depressed.
I'm extremely sorry that you didn't get a gift. Is there something that I can do?

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

Sure, why not. I'll throw my hat in the ring this year.

Things I like: Rhythm games, platform games, modern RPGs, blue bird, and making games, of course. As for something I'd like to receive... I don't really care. I'd prefer a short game, but if you can't do a short game, some resources for my game (currently Fight for Life: Director's Cut, being made in MZ) or a review of one of my featured games would also be appreciated.

Souls Avenchur: Sterling Silver Edition

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Souls Avenchur: Sterling Silver Edition

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Souls Avenchur: Sterling Silver Edition

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No More Lonely Hearts!

The mega heart is done! Congratulations to all who participated!

No More Lonely Hearts!

I'm taking N left, and I have an idea for a heart

Update: It's done. I'm not sure if I can add extra parts to the heart, but in case I can't I refrained from adding the extra details.

To be honest I'm surprised nobody had this idea earlier

800% size

14th RMN Birthday

I doubt that anyone cares but Lily's World v1.2 is out! And has the following changes:
- Ported to Game Maker Studio 2 -- should no longer randomly freeze or require direct play
- Changed some of the music
- New level intro animation