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Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.




Thanks so much Make_it_MagiK!! <3 :D I'm happy you think so! That is indeed what I'm going for in this town! ;) A sweet summer vacation type of place! <3

BlueSkies 3

Thank you so much Make_it_MagiK! <3 I truly hope you'll enjoy the demo!! ^_^

Free Steam Keys for Rave Heart!

Thank you so much Tw0Face!! <3 ^_^ I wish the very same to you and your endeavors with your amazing projects!! :D <3 Happy New Year!! ^^

Free Steam Keys for Rave Heart!

That's awesome, Wheelman!! <3 So happy you got a key!! ^_^ Hope you will enjoy and a Happy New Year to you!! <3

Merry Christmas! (and other assorted holidays)

Happy holidays to everyone! <3 ^_^ 2020 has been a crazy ride, but let us stay strong together in moving towards 2021 with grace. :) Wishing us all the best!

Alchemistress Vivi‚Äč

With how innovative you made the gameplay! I just thought its only fair I should give your game a nomination for Misaos 2020! ^_^ :D You really know how to make creative game mechanics and this one's a great release for the year! Best of luck to you!! ^_^

Perceiving Shapes

Hello again Tw0Face!! And wooow! Thank you so much! I am happy and honored to hear that and you enjoyed the game enough to give a nomination! :D ^_^ It means a lot! Best wishes! ^^

Perceiving Shapes Review

And that is completely understandable, Beregon! ^_^ :D Which is why I honestly wish I could've added some more layer into the ending to at least provide some answers for the unanswered questions. :) And yeah haha! I know many people who may not be a fan of "open to interpretation" kind of games, and that's fine! ^^ Hopefully, I can mix a balance between them both on any future horror/mystery games that I make. :D

Once again, thank you so much for this review and for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it a lot! :D

Perceiving Shapes Review

Thanks so much again TheRPGmakerAddict! Im glad you also enjoy the mystery and vague-ness to it! ^_^ :D I really wanted things also to be left to the player's interpretation, at the same time, leaving symbolisms here and there to get a grasp of what drives the plot. ;)

So Im glad you also saw my intentions that way! :D ^_^

Perceiving Shapes Review

Hello TheRPGmakerAddict! Wow! Thank you so much for this very detailed and wonderful review~! <3 ^_^ I am so happy you enjoyed it!! :D And I have taken note of the issues/complaints that you found! ^^

And yeah haha! I am so glad you enjoyed the Immersive maps and Voiced Dialogues too! ^_^ :)

Though honestly, I do wish I could've expressed the plot more clearly and coherently, as I went too vague on this one for the "Cosmic Horror" hawktober game jam. xD :D <3

The scenes were you, yourself, as the player, interacts with certain characters was very fun to do, and I'm glad you find entertainment in it! It does tie in crucially to the overall mystery of the plot! :D

Once again, thank you so much for this review, TheRPGmakerAddict! I really appreciate it a lot! :)