I am actually very new to RPG maker. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has always been a very wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid.. I've started out with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia.. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can finally create a new fantasy world of my own! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Rave Heart
Journey into the Galaxy of Xerxes and play as Klein, A Cipher and personal bodyguard of an Erran Princess, as he finds himself entangled in the ongoing struggle between the Errans and Draconians.



Yule's Phoenix Review

Hi thesacredlobo! Thank you so much for posting a review for this game! XD :D Though admittedly, it does have aspects of Once Upon the Woods in it, cause I was kinda in a bit of a hurry before the deadline for the Secret Santa, since holidays and all. >.<

Still, I really appreciate this detailed feedback from you as always! XD :D

Twisted Fairy Tales

We are very happy and honored to hear that you had fun with the RPG that Berry and I did for this event, LockeZ! ^_^ And yeah, I do admit that it kinda delayed a bit on the horror/dark stuff haha! XD :D What Berry said pretty sums up my thoughts here as well! ^_^ <3

Btw, congratulations to Darken for winning this event, and to all who participated with their awesome projects! <3

Seasons of RMN II

Congrats everyone who joined!! ^_^ Now I may try and play the submissions as well!! :D (Have downloaded most of them already) XD :D ^_^

Tall Tales of Fall

Hi Deckiller! Thank you so much for playing the game and for leaving your feedback! ^_^ I'm glad you liked the atmosphere of the game, as I love the atmospheric feel of autumn, and thought I should do my best to capture that feeling in the game, somehow. xD :)

Btw, I do agree that some of the RM default sound effects seemed out of place >.< And yes, you'll encounter some monsters who are physical damage dealers, as well as magical damage dealers, and they can deal the most depending on how strong a character is against a specific type of dmg. xD I prolly should've informed within the game to avoid getting caught off-guard haha. So its indeed my bad on that part. xD


Hi Dyluck! Thank you so much! ^_^ :) I love the Naramura arts, and I kinda experimented with them a bit. xD :D

Seasons of RMN II

Yay! My game page is now finally up ^_^ It was very fun working with the project. :) Although the holidays have taken so much from me and there were some ups and downs during those times >.<, I'm still glad to be able to finish it somehow. Thank God. xD Hope everyone will enjoy it, and I wish the best for all who joined the event :D

Eva Reynes: Volume One

You're welcome, Rishi!! :D I got the new version already! Cant wait to play it this weekend. ^_^ Oh! And hmm, I believe I got stuch in the part where I needed to prove to him that he wasn't on vacation? XD :D

A Maiden's Ballad Review

Oh my! That is indeed an interesting game to take inspiration from when it comes to musical puzzles in games. :) Thanks so much once again, kory_toombs. :D

A Maiden's Ballad Review

Hi kory_toombs! :) Thank you so much for your review feedback and for playing as well as LPing the game as Secret Santa! ^_^ :D

You've made some very helpful notes to help improve this game for the better. ^_^ I'll always keep them in mind for the future. :)

I understand your concerns regarding the level designs on the dungeons and as well as the encounter-rates and how negative status effects seem constant. I should've given them at least 50% chance to hit status effects, not 100. And that's an important lesson learned when it comes to battle design. :) So thank you so much, kory_toombs. :D

Now, I know that you still haven't felt the "passion" or "music" in the game since you're still in the second dungeon, but music is actually a huge theme in this game and you'll start feeling it later on. (After beating the second dungeon, in fact.):D

You'll listen to characters play instruments and stuff like that in the game as you progress. ^_^ Though I wish I could've included things like that early on in the game to avoid disinterest for the lack of music promised. >.<

Still, I wish to thank you once again, kory_toombs for giving a review and an LP for the game! I really appreciate it much! :D

Happy New Year + Free Gifts!

This is amazing! ^_^ :D I loved Eredia, and I would love to read the lore book to learn more about its magical world! ^_^ :D

I'm also subscribing to your websites mailing for these awesome give aways! :D

And a 30% discount for this cool game? Count me in! XD