It turns out that I really dislike words. Not surprisingly, I recently switched from a CS Engineering major to Creative Writing; practically left my degree at the altar.

I like fine-tuning mechanics and writing long novels on the beach.
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[RMVX ACE] Force Action overflows actions?

I've heard about a Force Action bug, but I can't seem to find much info on it. I'm using Yanfly's Core, though, so it should probably be fixed.

That said, the bug I'm experiencing is that if too many Force Action commands are used in a single round, the tail end of the actions array is cut off. Slow moving party members will queue up their attacks but never execute them.

For reference, here's my Force Action module.
author=Enterbrain, possibly edited
# * Force Action
def force_action(skill_id, target_index)
action =, true)
if target_index == -2
action.target_index = last_target_index
elsif target_index == -1
action.target_index = target_index


and here's Yanfly's alias
# alias method: force_action
alias game_battler_force_action_ace force_action
def force_action(skill_id, target_index)
game_battler_force_action_ace(skill_id, target_index)

Short mp3 -> looping ogg

I don't think this is all that complicated, but, if there's an easy way, I don't know it. I'll be getting to work on the hard way, but...who knows.

Basically, I have an mp3 that would loop rather nicely and need to fix it up so that it does. Ending filetype doesn't -have- to be .ogg, so long as it works properly.

Attempt 1: Got it converted, but instead of looping, it goes on to play a completely different music idea why.

Attempt 2: Tried to fix the looping up in Audacity as described here:
Everything went well until I got to the 'export' step, as 'export' is grey for some reason.

How does this site handle demos?

I've been nosing around the 'new to RMN' FAQ and such, but haven't really found a solid answer to this. It's implied that demos should be released in the same fashion as a game, but this seems kind of odd as there is then no distinction in terms of makerscore.

For example, I have a game that I'm going to release later that is actually a game. Right now, I just want to put up a demo that is a sampling of the game, but necessarily has different production goals as the point is to give players an idea of what to expect from the main. One has several hours of content, then other is 10-15 minutes long. One is obviously recognizable as a game, the other is vastly tighter in terms of progression and choice.

It seems like a poor idea to replace the demo dl with the actual game later on as any ratings would become inaccurate and, ideally, the demo would persist even after the main release.

But at the same time, it doesn't seem right that both projects are valued equally. Not necessarily because of length, some sort games are fine, but because a demo is not a proper game, in the same respect as the game is it demoing.

So, yeah. If that's how it's done, I won't get my panties in a bunch over it, but I don't want to inadvertently look like I'm making a cheap grab for makerscore.

I swear I'm not a bot q_q

But the site keeps asking...

Anyway, it has been a long time since I last slept, as I got rather wrapped up with fixing a bug in my current project, so I do not promise coherence.

I am officially studying CS, but spend far too much time on writing projects (two novels completed and others) and every now and then find time to work on a game. Most of my games have been handmade as that's what made sense for me, though my latest project is being done in RPGMaker VX Ace, which lead me to these forums.

I am not widely played due to lack of hardware, but I've probably read the book on w/e game you're talking about. I also rather love the design of games and discussions thereof.

So, hi, etc. Good night?!
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