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Maid Sweeper
Arcade action sweeping game with a cute maid!



MECHNITE (Demo v1.1)

Oh, thank you for clarifying it does say march, but somehow I couldn't believe it would show up so much in advance.

MECHNITE Megnetic Hero Review

First of all thank you very much for your elaborate review thesacredlobo I appreciate it very much!

I fixed the metal ball glitch tanks for showing me I didn't find what caused it, but It was an easy fix after all.
I can assure you I will finish Mechnite there is no way in hell I wouldn't
this game means a lot to me.
I try to correct my grammar in the future.
Your review gave me some much valuable insight of things I can improve
and help me make Mechnite a better game in the end, thanks!

MECHNITE (Demo v1.1)

Hello thesacredlobo I wondered what happened to your video
I sadly can not access it.

MECHNITE Megnetic Hero

Hi SweetCore, can you confirm there's no virus to ruin my day? :D I already saw this game in development during my time in the german community and I'm so excited to play. However, this browser warning left me a bit worried if I should ignore it or not?

Don't worry there are no viruses, it just must be because of some unusual files
like the maps or such the Anti virus software doesn't know what to make of it, I think I had this problem with some other games I downloaded here a couple of times each where false alarm.
I hope you have fun Twoface i´m flattered you look forward to play Mechnite!

MECHNITE Megnetic Hero

This looks charming!

Thank you very much for the compliment!

Lisa "The First"

My girlfried showed me this gem very unique expirince!
(love the soundtrack

Dreamland R Final Mix

I love this game so much one of my all time favorits I remember playing back in the Day when it came out in germany on a Screenfun Magizine CD Dreamland R got me into the RPG maker!
I started a let´s play of this wonderfull gem of a game!


Maid Sweeper

Hello! I finished your game and I had pretty great time. It had really nice atmosphere/vibe (sorry, english is not my first language), minigames were pretty fun too. I really liked the moment when main character said that she want to look at the telescope and you really could do that- small things like this are pretty cool. Differences in levels (for example in chicken one) were great too. I also really liked variety of bosses.

Saying this I think It unfortanetly had some problems. In the game I often had black screens in random moments. I had to press alt+F4 and start again from the save. In the boss fights sometimes I didn't know what to do. For example in the parasite boss fight I thought that I have to clean everything, because I was doing things like this to this moment. After the dragon fight I found the glitch, where after loading the save picture was changing It's position-nothing horrible, but I think that pollishing is important too. I also think that character art, while It was good, could be more distinct. Maybe similiar to characters from paintings? Higer resolution for characters would be good too. My last problem I remember was with the level with the eyes from the portraits. In some moments you couldn't evade their attacks. If It was intentional just to weaken you a little or I didn't understand some mechanics, that's ok, but if it is bug I wanted to write this. In the Dark Knight fight even if you took health ugprade you still have three health bars.

In the end, game was great! I wrote my problems with the game not to be mean, I just think that the game would be even better better without It and I hope that maybe some of this feedback will help you somehow. If you'll make second game, I hope It will be even better :).

Thank you so much for playing Maid Sweeper I realy apriciate your feedback! <3
For the Eye Portraits attacks they all can be Evaded exept for one you have to push a vase infront of it to not get hit~

I fixed the health issue with the Dark knight Fight now when you restart from the checkpoint you have full life again how it should have been.

I also fixed the glitch afte the dragon fight

And Lastly the blackscreen glitch got finally fixed now Madisweeper also is playable in windowed mode when pressing F4!

thank you for all your wonderfull feedback it´s very apriciated and i´m glad you had fun with the game~

Maid Sweeper

I can send them, where would you like them sent too?
shakeshakesushibi@gmail.com if possible? Thanks so much!

Maid Sweeper

I'm so happy you liked the game as for now I don't know how to organize the games files to be more organized sadly Could you please send me the safe files if I could take a look at them I will be able to fix the Black screen issue.
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