What would YOU want to see in FFV-II?

Since my forum only has a few members, I thought it would be a good idea to post this on RMN.

What would you like to see in FFV-II? It can be anything from certain things you liked in other Final Fantasy games, to extras that can be played after the main story.

Job ideas are also welcome, but detail would be very helpful if you have an idea for a job. If you think the job would only work/look sensible for one character, please say so.. :)

Here is a job template you could use if you have an idea:

Can use:
Default Ability: (Can be left blank if the job hasn't got one)
Innate Abilities: (Passive abilities: An ability tht is always active)

ABP to Master:

Level 1:

(Repeat with Level 2, level 3 etc until Master)

Kirby can make anything feel worthless

I can't tell if it was a witty line, or something that Kirby just came out with for no relative reason.

Final Fantasy V-II: Sacred Chains

"The Sacred Crystals have always been used to conquer evil of the world with Warriors of the Crystals, using both magic the crystals bestow with the warrior's bravery and will, they conquer evil together to banish it into the realm of nothingness. The warriors are not the only guardians that could use the power of the crystals; legend has it that there are four dragons, which were put into eternal slumber due to their berserk nature and power to the destroy the world itself. Legend also says...if the power of the crystals fell into the wrong hands, the dragons could be revived...

...The revival of world destruction."

After the battle with Exdeath, Bartz, Lenna/Reina, Faris and Cara went there seperate ways.

As the new ruler of "New" Typhoon and with Faris gone back to her crew as their pirate captian, she stays along in the castle, always remembering the past she once had with her friends. She wants to go find them...but how will she be reunited with her friends?

As Reina thinks of a way to reunite with her friends, we enter Zeke...

Zeke is a Mage with the power to change the form his magic takes, being it White, Black, Blue or even Arcane magic. Zeke suddenly woke up from being unconscious for an unknown amount of time, due to this, he suffers from memory loss and cannot remember anything except for his name. After waking up, he finds himself awake in a forest, since he suffers from amnesia, this forest is a mystery to him. As Zeke wanders the forest, he finds a man in shining blue and white armor camping in the forest...could it be...?

Name: Bartz Klauser
Age: 22
Element: Wind

After the battle with Exdeath, Bartz decided to go back to his home town of Lix, to finally settle down and live a peaceful life...but it wasn't meant to be. One night, he had a nightmare about the battle against Exdeath and the Void, and the death of his good friend Galuf, the dream got to Bartz and made him wonder "...Could I have stopped Galuf's death...if I was strong enough at that time...?". Even after stopping world destruction with his fellow warriors and friends, he could not shake the feeling of being weak and powerless, all because of this one dream. As he did before the great battle, he went off on a journey to become stronger, this time without his friends...

...Almost two years later travelling across the world, he still has the same dream over and over again, intensifying every night.

Due to the nightmare, his personality has changed, making him almost emotionally dead inside and silent. Even in this new state of mind, he still helps others when they are in need.

(New design coming soon)
Name: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Age: 21
Element: Water

Lenna is one of two daughters of the now deceased King Tycoon. After the great battle, she was crowned the Queen of Tycoon due to her sister stripping herself of her title. Lenna still remembers the time she had with her friends two years ago and still thinks about the times she had with them. Lenna still keeps in contact with Krile.

Lenna's personality has stayed the same for the past two years; gentle yet couragous and always helps whenever she can, also showing her love to all of the people of the Tycoon Kingdom.

Name: Sarisa "Faris" Scherwil Tycoon
Age: 22
Element: Fire

The first daughter of King Tycoon and older sister to Lenna, but was lost at sea at a young age. When the battle of Exdeath was over, Faris went back to the Kingdom of Tycoon to live with her younger sister as one of the rulers of the Tycoon Kingdom, after a few months however, she had a change of heart, going back to her pirate ways with her old crew and boat Syldra (named after her deceased pet and friend), because of this, her title was taken away as royalty of Tycoon, which Faris clearly did not care about.

Faris still has her very commanding nature due to being brought up by Pirates, but she does have a softer side to her, which is clearly seen when Lenna and Faris finally realise they are sisters.

Name: Krile Mayer Baldesion
Age: 16
Element: Earth

The Princess of Bal and replacement Warrior of Dawn after the death of her Grandfather; Galuf. Krile joined the other Warriors of Dawn after the sad death of Galuf, who was the current Warrior of Earth. She aided the warriors several times before finally joining them and gaining the powers her grandfather had, which she used to destroy Exdeath with the others.

Krile has since been the ruler of the Kingdom of Bal, but still has not been crowned Queen due to her being "too unruly and irresponsible", even though she is not yet the Queen, Krile has shown strong leadership when coming to ruling the Kingdom. Krile and Lenna have become closer as friends in this time too, helping the Kingdoms grow and prosper together.

Krile still has her bubbly traits, but with time she has also grown stronger, in both body and mind. Krile also still has her natural ability to talk to Moogles and befriend different animals and dragons.

(Mid and Zeke's bios coming soon)

New Menu

The World of FFV-II
(click for full size)

- Original Characters, plus some that were only NPCs!

- Job System, with 8 new jobs!

- New Summon Spells!

- New Character Designs!

- Full MP3 Soundtrack, consisting of some classic favourites and new ones!

Original Characters - Square Enix
Resources - Charas Project (Credits of resource sharers coming soon)
Custom Sprites - Tezuka, Shadowdude, Redwyn, JosephSeraph, Nich
Mapping - Shadowdude
Music - Square Enix
Sounds - Square Enix, findsounds.com, nrsisyourbuddy

None as of yet.

The Official Final Fantasy V-II Website
RMN Game Page
YouTube Channel

Q. Why make a fangame? Why not be original?
A. For one, I LOVED Final Fantasy V and I see this more of a tribute than a fangame. Secondly, I asked members of RMRK before going forward with this project and as you can see, they wanted me to go forward with it.

Q. How would the Job System work?
A. In RPG Maker 2003, no scripting can be used, so it is all done using events, variables and switches.

Q. Why RPG Maker 2003? RPG Maker XP has way better graphics!
A. EXACTLY. I chose RM2003 because of the graphics. The graphics used in the orginal Final Fantasy V were very similar to RPG Maker 2003's.

Q. What are the new Jobs?
A. The only ones I am going to tell you about are Dark Knight and Paladin, the rest are a secret. =o

A composer?

This is a long shot, but I guess it is better than not trying.

I am looking for a composer who could do music for a big project of mine called Final Fantasy V-II. Even though the project has "Final Fantasy" in the title, don't think no effort is being put into this project, it boasts nearly all custom spriting and class changing system.

FFV-II's RMN Game Submission page.

We already have three spriters and a mapper, all we are really missing now is music. It would also be good if the composer could do music which is similar to the style of Final Fantasy V's.

Post here if you are interested and check here for more information: http://ffv.tezukake.org.

Well, that's it, I hope someone will be interested. :)

Hey guys

I'm not exactly new to the community, since I have been keeping my current game updated, but I thought it would be polite for me to introduce myself instead of just keeping to myself in my game submission. :-X


My real name is Terence Beckett, I am normaly called Tez for short. I use the nickname "Tezuka" because I am a great fan of Osamu Tezuka's work, including Blackjack and Astro Boy.

I have been using RPG Maker for years now, I think I was only 12 when I started toying around with 2003 and the first translation of the program which had many bugs. Since then I have been trying to find more ways in creating custom menu and battle systems, including my current FFV job system.

I like anime, but I am not the type to go for anime with fan service. My current favourite is Detective Conan, I also like Bleach, Black Cat and Casshern Sins.

...And that's me!
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