MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

Maybe I just have bad eyes then. For the text, though, I recently learned about the Victor Engine sfont plugin, which you can use to create a font that doesn't get anti-aliased. It's really neat.

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

Also thank you, Archeia_Nessia!

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

The sprites do glide, I would assume, but it's incredibly difficult to tell. I've never been able to see any gliding. I would say as long as they don't end up covering half a pixel or something at the end of their animation, no one's going to notice.

[RMMV] Best Resolution Change Plugin

Hey guys, I was just wondering: what is the best plugin to change the resolution so that a tile is 16 by 16? I know you can just triple the size of the tiles, but a plugin seems like the better solution, unless it causes technical issues. What do you guys think? What's the best plugin? Or maybe just enlarging the tiles is better?

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

And it still manages to run everything just fine with only MV having this morbid performance! Funny, no?
Its because now RMMV is running on webgl and not directly on pc memory. If your video card is really bad then you need to run MV in canvas mode.

MV runs way better than any other RM games for me. But I would highly recommend to try the programs with trial first and see if your pc can handle it.
If you don't mind me asking, how do you run in canvas mode?

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

Yeah, I don't think he's spreading misinformation. MV has some problems. My old computer, which was so completely fucked that it literally took multiple minutes to change the volume, could run VX ACE with no issues. But on my new computer, which has a 240gh processor and 8 gigs of RAM (most of which is unoccupied when playtesting, I've checked), the water tiles lag like crazy.

2K3 Get Rid of ATB System

Hey, I was just wondering, is there any way to get rid of the active time battle system in 2k3? Maybe replace it with something that doesn't use timers a la the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

What am I working on?


MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get your input on something. If someone were making a game using a 16-bit aesthetic, which would be the better choice to use, MV or 2003? Obviously 2003 is more designed to support larger pixels, but it's fairly easy to triple the size of 16 by 16 tiles and plug them into MV. However, a pixelated font would be much harder to achieve in MV. But MV does come with its own benefits, such as distributing your game to other platforms besides Windows. Which one would you guys use? What are some pros and cons of each version? What has been your experience making 16-bit style games in RPG maker?
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